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Funkatopia.com serves as a hub for all things funk. Funk concerts, funk album reviews, funk news, and all things funky. If you love the funk genre of music including bands like Prince, Parliament, Ohio Players, James Brown, Slave, and the many new generations of funk artists on the scene.

Prince had a fondness for Funkatopia when he was with us, promoting the website and posts over a dozen different times when he was with us. Including his final promotion just days before his passing.

The end result was our admiration and devotion to preserving his legacy through music and promotion…a lot. You’ll find way more Prince-related topics here than anything else. We owe it to his legacy.

We have thousands of listeners all over the world including the FUNKEDUP app that plays music 24/7 complete with 7 hour Prince blocks. Available online and via Apple and Android.

And don’t forget Funkatopia Live that broadcasts funky topics and amazing artist interviews every week. Listen on the FUNKEDUP app every Tuesday night or on Youtube and Facebook.

But we also don’t ignore the funk and R&B musicians with us today and the new generation that will preserve this genre of music. If you’re a funk or R&B artist, please share MP3’s via shout@funkatopia.com or if you have physical CD’s that you would like for us to hear and possibly share with our audience, send it to:

P.O. Box 1698
Lilburn, GA 30048

7 thoughts on “About Funkatopia

  1. Funk can not only move. It can remove Dig…. Sir lollipop man doin it too you in 3D so groovy that I dig me.. Once apon a time called RIGHT NOW…7up

  2. Hi! I have a funk band that is based out of New Orleans called “In Business.” We released our second album last year, “Space Story” – a double-length space opera with an accompanying written story. How do I go about getting my album reviewed? Thanks!

  3. Hey! A friend said you might know where I could find a live version of Prince’s Eye Hate U with Rosie Gaines. Would greatly appreciate it! 🙏

  4. I’m a huge Funk fan – including His Majesty, Prince. So much so, I started a new podcast, 40 Minutes of Funk, which interviews Funk musicians and experts from yesterday and today, from all over the globe, and features their original songs. Links and listen at http://40minutesoffunk.com. I also host a weekly instrumental funk, groove, soul, disco, jazz, and hip-hop radio show called Tonic: The Funky Groove Show every Friday night, 9-11 PM CST at http://www.KGOU.org. If it’s possible to share these shows on your page, I’d truly appreciate it! I’m just here to help spread the FUNK – thank you for doing the same!

  5. Thank you for the Princgjving yeah by yea songs. You hade a mistake with the Madhouse 24 album. There are 2 very different Madhouse 24 albums. One recorded in 1989 with Punce and Eric Leeds. The other is from 1994 with the NPG. The NPG version has actual song titles. You played the 1994 version during the year 1988. Hope you fix this for next year.

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