Macy Gray in concert

Review: Macy Gray – Live in Atlanta


Macy Gray is touring the world supporting her brand new album The Reset and to the delight of her fans is taking audiences from the last two decades on a journey through some career highlights.  

Macy Gray concert

Not many can deny the immense presence and unique undeniable vocal prowess of the quirky pop icon. And if you’ve never seen her live, expect a journey through her almost 25 years of albums that will guarantee she’ll touch on your favorites as well as some surprises. 

While she wasn’t her normal bouncy self, she quickly explained that she had been doing cartwheels in her hotel room and threw out her back. That certainly checks out for Macy.  But while her motions may have been limited, no fans dared complain.  

Her setlist ran the gamut and included the expected tracks such as I Try, Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak, Relating to a Psychopath, Mercy, and so many others.  However, she also threw in some great unexpected covers such as Bobby Hebb’s Sunny, Stealers Wheels Stuck In the Middle, and even closing the show with the inclusion of the unexpected The Pretenders Brass in Pocket.  

There of course was a significant segment dedicated to her new album The Reset with a healthy selection of tracks. All of which were played to a very attentive and ecstatic audience. And even though many in attendance had yet to hear a majority of the new tracks, the audience was singing along before each song came to a close. 

She also spent time weaving stories of love, sex, and unusual tales in her one-of-a-kind voice that elicits smiles across the room as fans lean in just to hear her speak. 

The end result is a truly fantastic journey through Macy Gray’s world and a look into the strange and wonderful mind of a musical empress holding court for her subjects.  

We would highly suggest picking up a copy of the incredible new album The Reset regardless if you plan on attending one of her incredible shows. You’ll have more songs to sing along with at the show. And even if you can’t make a performance, it’s one beast of a release that warrants your attention. 

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