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Saturday, May 28, 2016

One of our favorite projects of all time is John Heintz‘ musical journey entitled Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown (or BONG […]

A great band that has always been sorely overlooked over the years was Wang Chung. Beyond Everybody Have Fun Tonight […]

Even before a week has even passed, the members of The Revolution in their original glory are planning a reunion […]

Sometimes It Snows In April 4,678. That’s how many people The Fox Theatre in Atlanta seats in its venue. ┬áThat’s […]

The worst possible news that could have happened hit the new and stunned the world. Prince was found dead at […]

Prince came into Atlanta on April 14,2016 after a 12 year hiatus like a man on a mission to prove […]

The last time that Prince performed in Atlanta was 10 years ago playing guitar as a backup musician for Tamar. […]

Wow. There are certain times when you see a spark of brilliance burn its way onto the world stage and […]

As Prince fans we have seen and read just about every book there is to read about Prince. All of […]

Prince‘s new solo tour called Prince, Piano and a Microphone tour is back on the books after a long awaited […]

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