Interview Flashback: Lynn Mabry


It never ceases to amaze us when someone as prolific as Lynn Mabry goes unnoticed and uncelebrated in a way that they truly deserve. Funkatopia goes out of our way to rectify that by welcoming Lynn Mabry to Funkatopia Live.

Lynn Mabry is currently supporting the legendary Sheila E. as her background vocalist. But while most keep their eyes glued on Sheila E, many of the uninitiated will look past Lynn Mabry who served as the voice behind Sly & the Family Stone, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Don Henley, Talking Heads, Bette Midler, George Michael, Brides of Funkenstein, Fleetwood Mac, and many more.

Her musical history is the stuff of legends and we’re going to make sure that you don’t miss it. Check out this special interview with a literal musical legend, Lynn Mabry.


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