We have had reports of people on newer Android phones that are not able to download the app and are receiving a message indicating that the FUNKEDUP app is for an older version of Android. We are in the process of creating the new app, but it is not completed yet. However, we are releasing a new version that Android 14 users can use to listen to Uptown Radio and FUNKEDUP until the new app is completed.

This is the new app that you can download and install if you’re having issues with Android 14. THIS IS NOT FOR IPHONE USERS! We are still making adjustments to the app, but were rushed to get this out before Princegiving before we can implement the aesthetic changes and tweaks we’re working on.  A couple of notes.

1) This is for people who do NOT have a running FUNKEDUP app on their phones. Existing Android users CAN install this version, but outside of the presentation, there is not much difference. If you decide to replace your current version, you have to uninstall the existing one first.

3) Once you download this APK below, you will open it on your Android phone. You might receive a message saying that you need to allow apps to be installed from “unknown sources”. Turn that on in your settings and you’ll be able to install it without any issues.

4) Once it’s installed, it will show up as Uptown Radio.

5) Test and feedback here in the comments below. Keep in mind that we are still making adjustments but were forced to push this out due to the current Android 14 problems. But it is fully operational.

Download the Uptown Radio APK for Android phones (Android 14+) here.