Prince The Rainbow Children

Album Chat: Prince – The Rainbow Children


Mr. Christopher digs deep into Prince‘s most controversial album ever, The Rainbow Children. While many enjoyed the production and vibe of the album, many were not aware of everything that was transpiring behind the scenes in Prince‘s life including a divorce, a remarriage, and building new walls between him and his fanbase. Not to mention, the private personal messages throughout the entire album.

It’s filled with major controversial statements that swung a major scythe in the direction of his most ardent fans and most people either didn’t see it coming or failed to even realize he was delivering a major uppercut to the strays of the world. Discover all of the dark corners of The Rainbow Children on this edition of Funkatopia Live. You can’t miss this.

2 thoughts on “Album Chat: Prince – The Rainbow Children

  1. Absolutely LOVED this album chat. The Rainbow Children is in the top 3 of my favorite albums from Prince. Thank you for taking the time to give us a very detailed deconstruction of each song and breaking down NATO is OTAN lol; that was a head scratcher for a long time.
    Prince is brilliant and I did feel bad for Mayte at the time, however I always found it very clever how Prince tells his life stories through his albums. LoveSexy, The Symbol, etc etc. By far this one of the best album discussions I think you’ve had. Stellar! Thank you very much!

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