Bootsy Collins

Interview: Bootsy Collins


Mr. Christopher sits down with the legendary funk bassist Bootsy Collins. There are only a handful of funk legends that can equal the notoriety of Bootsy. From his iconic star glasses and tophats to his numerous catchphrases like “Wind me up now!“, “Hallelujah!“, “It’s Bootsy, baby!

The discussion covers everything from his time with James Brown, his time and fears in Atlanta with the Brides of Funkenstein, to his announcement that his live performances were finally over, and what he’s doing to help support the next generation of artists.

Watch the exclusive interview below for all of these stories and as Bootsy Collins announces joining forces with Funkatopia to bring financial relief to musicians and artists around the world that have their livelihoods in danger due to the inability to work and support their families during the COVID-19 pandemic through MusiCares.

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