King Harris - Son of TI and Tiny Harris

Interview: King. Harris


There’s probably nothing more difficult than to follow in the footsteps of your parents who are stars in their own right. So is the story of King Harris, son of rapper/actor/entrepreneur T.I. and his wife, Xscape singer Tiny. Not to mention the entire family living their life in front of the camera for their show TI & Tiny, The Family Hustle.

King. Harris has had a lot of ups and downs in the process of his desire to chase his dreams of becoming a rapper and following in his fathers footsteps, but Mr. Christopher got an opportunity to sit down with King. at an event and ask him a little about his new music, school, and what people can expect.

Editors Note: Chris did not have a camera operator, so apologies for the soft focus and that Mr. C is out of frame. You didn’t need to see him anyway. 😉
Props to King.’s PR Tara Thomas.

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