Wally Safford & Damon D

Interview: Wally Safford & Damon D Reunited


Wally Safford & Damon DMr. Christopher and Nicky T interview Wally “Where Did You Get Those Glasses?” Safford to share funny Prince stories and how Prince would often confide in the once bodyguard, then dancer for Prince. We discuss the Sign O’ The Times, Parade, the mysterious girl from Paris named Cinnamon and much more.

Then at about 40 minutes in, the wheels come off as NPG‘s Damon Dickson joins in and the two share intimate stories and catch up with each other after all of these years. It’s more fun than a day at the asylum as Friday night’s Purple Primetime goes off the rails. Luckily, all of the insanity was captured and we have it here for you!

1 thought on “Interview: Wally Safford & Damon D Reunited

  1. Thank you for just letting these guys be themselves – enjoyed the info, the love and the camaraderie💜

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