FUNKED UP - Funkatopia Music App



FUNKEDUP is a free app that broadcasts funk music around the world with a very heavy slant to Prince and his Minneapolis family. What’s even better is that they play by the rules and ASCAP licensed.

But the app has seen its share of woes due to a variety of bad developers. The previous update was the worst of the bunch that had apparently fallen into the hands of lesser developers and caused the app to bring a slew of errors. Our favorite was the constant crashing when the mobile device would switch between data and wi-fi. Or maybe it was that the song and artist displayed wouldn’t change when the song did. Or maybe when the song information wouldn’t transfer via bluetooth to your vehicle’s display.

Thank the Lord for the newest app version just released on February 19, 2019 that fixed all of those issues and eliminated the features that people weren’t using which made the download quicker and less tasking on older mobile phones.

The song ratings system is still in place, but has been given less of an impact on the weight it carries on song play on the station. The song request area is missing and some small elements, but having a fully functional app trumps all of the minor MIA pieces.

So download the latest version of the amazing FUNKEDUP app for both Androids and i-Phones and both of which are available to the public for free right now. YAY!



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