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Prince’s Makeup Line


Prince has always been in the middle of unique marketing opportunities and trying to step ahead in unexpected forays. Even though we’ve crossed over the 5 year mark of a planet without his presence, his beautiful muse Damaris Lewis has joined forces with Urban Decay to release a Prince-inspired makeup collection complete with wide palette of colors named with Prince song titles, all beautifully packaged in a set.

The Prince estate approved collaboration brought together the model/dancer and the Newport Beach, CA based cosmetics company to carefully craft a seven piece makeup collection that would honor his memory and also represent some of his most iconic songs.

Damaris Lewis, who is a professional model and also was a dancer for Prince (known as Prince‘s Black Muse) told Allure, “The key elements of Prince’s music and personality that Urban Decay brought to this collection, in my opinion, are quality, intention, practice, and not fitting in.

While Damaris served as Prince’s muse, when it came to makeup and beauty, Prince proved to be a heavy influence on her in that regard. “Prince never specifically taught me about beauty and makeup; he rather showed me,” she remembers. “He made sure I knew the phrase ‘I Am’ and that the words I choose to come after those phrases in life were also who I was. I am beautiful or, I am ugly. Both are me if I choose to be.”

Allure then also showcased the pieces that you could purchase individually or all together in what’s referred to as The Vault for $250. Here are some showcased individual pieces;

U Got The Look Eye Shadow Palette – Price $55

Housed in black leather packaging (an unusual decision from Urban Decay), it features 10 different shades palette that has two small doors on either side with a gold metal Love Symbol.

Let’s Go Crazy Eye Shadow Palette – Price $55

Similar to the U Got The Look collection above, but with purple leather (can’t get around the decision to go with leather), but featuring a palette of pinks, blues, and purple.

Kajal Eyeliners, two versions (So Dark and When Doves Cry) – Price $25 each

The one makeup item that Prince notoriously was seen using in Purple Rain that comes in black (called So Dark) and also white (shown above) called When Doves Cry.

Liquid Highlighter – Price $32

Highlighter that is infused with Shea butter, but also uses insanely small flecks of gold glitter so when light hits it, it glows.

All Nighter Powder – Prince $34

This setting powder brought back fond memories for Damaris Lewis who told Allure, “My fondest memory of Prince and makeup was in 2014 when he asked me to take a selfie in Paris, in his dressing room, while he was doing his makeup. I was shocked but also honored to share that moment. Whenever I see the compact powder, I think of that photo and him powdering his face.

Multitasker Brush – Price $28

All in all, the set is coming to Urban Decay soon and you can get on the mailing list to be alerted when it gets released, but another foray into something that Prince probably would have ventured into eventually. Sweet!

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