Every month funk fans around the world come here to check out Funkatopia Radio. Enjoy TWO radio stations. Our FUNKEDUP station with all the funk you’ve grown to love and also Uptown Radio that features 24/7 Prince. Enjoy at your own risk. Side effects include severe addiction.

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FUNKEDUP Radio – New and Old School Funk


Uptown Radio – All Prince

Uptown Radio

Spotify Playlist

We have a great Spotify playlist also if you’re a Spotify junky. We also have a radio station hosted on Spotify that showcases tons of music from new-school and old-school bands.

Music Submissions
Are you in a funk band and want your music on Funkatopia Radio? It doesn’t matter if you’re unsigned or on a major label. Simply put your MP3’s in a zip file and send them to us at Files that aren’t properly labeled with ID tags for artist and song title will NOT be added to the station. We also will not go to a website and download files individually from a music page on your website.

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Would you like for us to interview a band or artist on your label?  We love talking with bands to help promote funk music from all around the world.  You know the drill.  Fill out our contact form.

If you hear a file that has an issue, is improperly labeled, or just is a horrendous quality file, shoot us an email to with the file name as it appears on the display and we’ll handle it.

Funkatopia Radio is now online 24 hours a day. Everyone from Prince to Galactic to Ohio Players to Slave and Monophonics and the list goes on forever.
We even have local bands from all around the world mixed in for extra variety. Just click the play button above and let the funk sink in.
A note about reception:
If a song drops out, stick with it. It’s most likely your connection, but could be a bad file. We try to weed them out as we go. Hang tough.

Funkatopia Funk Radio Show Broadcast Episodes

Enjoy some special episodes that happened that we have captured here.
Episode Eleven – Simon Allen of The New Mastersounds
(Open this show in a new window for uninterrupted browsing while you listen)
Loopy from lack of sleep, Simon Allen, drummer for The New Mastersounds discusses Bear Creek, playing with Maceo, short lived costumes, social media and much more. Tune in as Funkatopia’s Mr. Christopher chats away with the always entertaining Simon Allen

Episode Ten – Ian Neville of Dumpstaphunk
(Open this show in a new window for uninterrupted browsing while you listen)
Ian Neville of Dumpstaphunk talks with Funkatopia’s Mr. Christopher about Dumpstaphunk staff changes, Bear Creek, amazing moments, growing up Neville and much more.

Episode Eight – The Almost an Hour Funky Power Hour
(Open this show in a new window for uninterrupted browsing while you listen)
We crank up episode 8 of the Funkatopia Radio Show for almost a full hour and crank out Ole Borud, George Benson, Elise Bedrosian, 6ix Toys, Dumpstaphunk, The Motet, Stanley Clarke, Orgone, The Bamboos, and the Shaolin Afronauts!.

Episode Six – Some Crate Digging and More New Funk
(Open this show in a new window for uninterrupted browsing while you listen)
Episode 6 of the Funkatopia Radio Show with Mayer Hawthorne, Monophonics, Polyrhythmics, Digable Planets, Funkage and the Exodus Quartet. All music featured on the Funkatopia Radio Show own their own copyrights. Sole purpose of the radio show is to help promote the artists.

Episode Five – More New Funk You Ain’t Heard
(Open this show in a new window for uninterrupted browsing while you listen)
Episode 5 of the Funkatopia Radio Show featuring Orgone, The New Mastersounds, The Original 7 (aka Morris Day and The Time), Dag, Erykah Badu and more. Check it out. All music featured on the Funkatopia Radio Show own their own copyrights. Sole purpose of the radio show is to help promote the artists.

Episode Three
(Open this show in a new window for uninterrupted browsing while you listen)
Episode 3 hits the funk airwaves with Mayer Hawthorne, Mike Zabrin, The Roots, Count Basic, Galactic, 24-7 Spyz, Living Colour, and Bob Schneider.  All music featured on the Funkatopia Radio Show own their own copyrights. Sole purpose of the radio show is to help promote the artists.

35 thoughts on “FUNKEDUP Radio

  1. Ty for giving the most incredible artist that will ever be the dedication he soooooo… deserves. God Blessed us with the most highly talented singer ,writer, producer, arranger, humanitarian of our time. My apologies if I forgot to mention something else that Prince did .XOXO to everyone who is still grieving the loss of our royal highness Prince. Again TY peace and luv to all from Minnesota. Michelle Kalsto ♡

  2. Thanks for doin what you do! Brightens my boring office workday! And thank you for giving us all the Prince hours 💜 You guys funkin rock

  3. Thank you so much for giving Prince and all of his admirers a place to come and celebrate his Genius 💜💜💜

  4. Um… This is so cool! I just found about it today, and this is my first time visiting this website. I have followed Prince’s career from Day One, 40 years ago. You are my new favorite! Keep up the good work:)

  5. It’s kind of messed up that the whole paisley park experience doesn’t get played here besides madhouse, the time and sheila. Just heard in this yearly music marathon that nah we ain’t gonna play Bria but u do realize prince wrote the music and lyrics right? Dont get it twisted I’m grateful 4 what yall do but when it comes 2 the taja sevelle, tony lemans , the three o’clock of the world, like prince said “oh wow thats dogged”

  6. Loving the Prince playlist this Celebration 2019 week – weekend! Listening from Seattle, wishing I were in Minneapolis! Thanks Mr. Christopher!

  7. simply incredible!!

    Is it all Prince all the time? If it is I’ll never change the station!!!!

    1. It is all Prince daily, 6AM to noon and 6PM to midnight, however it is all Prince 24/7 for the month of June in honor of Prince’s birth month!💜💜💜 #DON’T4GET2DONATE

    2. Update – you now have a choice between Prince 24/7 or Prince mixed in with the best funk music! 💜💜💜

  8. Chris, you got me here crying while I’m working with all these sad songs; Condition Of The Heart just broke me down. Please play some upbeat jams 🙂

  9. On this Princegiving I would like 2 thank Funkatopia 4 all da wonderful music u play and da Tuesday night shows by Christopher. 1 question,” The One,” da spoken word will it b played or have I missed it. I don’t know da year it was made.

  10. Every time you play the slowed down version of Alexa De Paris it cracks me up, I didn’t understand it at first…I remember you mentioned this is how you heard it the first time. You’re playing it now and I’m dying LOL

  11. Nice to meet you. Do you know the two Japanese super idols called KinKi Kids? Each of them is doing solo activities, but one of them, one of them, “TSUYOSHI DOMOTO” is doing a solo that centered with FUNK MUSIC. It’s the coolest music! His voice sometimes resonates with the pawful and sometimes. The guitar he plays, the bass, the keyboard is the best! He is cool and cute because he is an idle. I don’t think he’s over 40 years old. It’s really the best so I want the American people to know! Once you hear his voice, you’ll be a prisoner! Please listen to me!

  12. The FUNK MUSIC of the “ENDRECHERI” solo solo by the Japanese super idol “KinKi Kids” is the best! Please listen to me! Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi, Deborah here but I Makayla AKA:pal 💜🤣, purplearmyleader2021. I love what you do for the prince community but can we get what has been playing and what is playing now on the website please 💜

  13. Can you please tell me the song that you played before the first song on the For You album?
    Signed #1 Prince fan. I thought I saved it but don’t have it. ugh

  14. Thank U for this great experience!! I’m Controversy to Lovesexy myself, but what a great musician and writer. Thank you Prince!

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