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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review: Lianne La Havas – Blood

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Lianne La Havas Blood reviewOne of the benefits of frequently going to concerts is that every now and then, the artist will bestow upon you an awesome gift. In exchange for me purchasing a VIP ticket to Lianne La Havas‘s show in Atlanta in October was a download of her new album Blood as soon as it hit the streets, which was today.

God’s honest truth, I swear that Lianne’s first album Is Your Love Big Enough was easily one of the best albums I had heard in many years, so I was expecting no less from her newest release that’s been over 3 years coming to the month.

The new album features a lot of great surprises like the album opener Unstoppable which was built on top of an instrumental from the trio The Invisible. A thick and richly chocolate infused groove. Plus that the song Green and Gold was cowritten and coproduced by one of our favorite performers, Jamie Lidell.

The entire album is full of incredible rich production that fills the sound waves with smooth wide bass riffs, soft drum patterns, intricate acoustic guitar walks, and vocal layers poured over like syrup on pancakes. All of which blend to create a vibrant handheld tour through a very broad and detailed pallette of colors.

All of the songs stand on their own as powerful testaments to heavy production work. The overall result is a full neo-soul release said to be inspired by her Jamaican and Greek roots although there’s no reggae infusion to speak of. Although all of the songs serve as a standard as the perfect background music to digging your toes into the sand.

Some highlights include the track Wonderful which features Disclosure‘s Howard Lawrence who brings the same breadth of vibe that he helped deliver on Latch with Sam Smith.

Midnight is one of a few featured upbeat tracks that showcases Lianne’s vocal reach as she hollers and stretches her range to take it into another realm not previously recorded on any of her previous releases which makes it all the more surprising.

From the locomotive rush of Grow to the surprising Never Get Enough that jumps back and forth from ambient acoustic to a muffled techno rocker, the album is riddled with brilliance. Haunting acoustic guitar work trickling all over on tracks and gorgeous strategically placed string sections in songs like Good Goodbye that continue to fill out her acoustic stylings that made her first release such a dominant presence in the music world.

This album has hits all through it like the already released single of Unstoppable and even the amazing catchy What You Don’t Do.  Terrestrial radio will undoubtedly ignore this yet another great release and we’ll all scream “Travesty!” that will fall upon deaf ears.

If you have to have the best of what’s left of the neo-soul movement with current tech edged flavor and gorgeous vocals from a beautiful woman who is filled with passion and verve, look no further than Lianne La Havas‘s newest Blood offering.

Get it like right now.

Review: Rock Candy Funk Party – Groove Is King

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Rock Candy Funk Party - Groove Is KingSupergroup Rock Candy Funk Party (RCFP) has done it yet again with their instrumental funk rager called Groove is King(due on the streets 7/31). The more deadly nasty funk grooves from the first offering slid into the back seat and taking the steering wheel is the groove-laden jazz riffs that are the right side of tasty and the left side of hot sauce.

The RCFP supergroup consists of Tal Bergman on drums (Chaka Khan, BB King, Billy Idol), the legendary Joe Bonamassa on guitar, Ron DeJesus also on guitar (The Emotions, Tito Puente), and Mike Merrit on bass who some may recognize as the bass player from Conan O’Brien’s Late Night show band The Basic Cable Band, but who has also shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many others.

The group also features collaborations from other musicians that round things out on various tracks such as keyboardist Renato Neto (Prince, Rod Stewart) who was part of the core during RCFP‘s first release, sax player Ada Rovatti & trumpeter Randy Brecker (Brecker Brothers), James Campagnola also on sax (Eric Clapton, David Sanborn), Daniel Sadownick on percussion (Brecker Brothers, Steely Dan), and Fred Kron on keys (Family Force 5).

The 16 track album is technically 13 due to 3 segues from the gravelly-throated Mr. Funkadamus who sets the tone for the audio assault you’re about to experience. Here’s a taste;

The song selections jump from laid back stompers like East Village and The 6 Train To The Bronx over to songs such as Don’t Be Stingy With The SMPTE that some may call flat out disco in the vain of Jamiroquai style string stabs.

There are many great standouts on this release such as Rock Candy with its quick finger keyboard chops backed by a East St. Louis Toodaloo horn section, and the fantastic title track Groove Is King that is dark, bassy, super deep and thick.

There is one strange bird in the mix and that would be the cover of Peter Gabriel‘s Digging In The Dirt. While at first it seemed out of place, you began to quickly realize the funky nuances of the song that you probably missed in the original. Outside of the Mr. Funkadamus segues, it’s also the only song that features vocals from powerhouse vocalist Zia.

For fans of the styling of old school Headhunters or Tower of Power, you’ll definitely feel at home with the jazz funk flair of Don’t Funk With Me. For 80’s funk fans of The Gap Band or Lakeside, you’ll have a shot to the jugular as well with the synth pop laden C You On The Flip Side or alternately the 80’s keyboard stab filled Low Tide.

The album is filled front to back with great bouncy grooves and sweet meaty riffs including great surprises like the closing techno/hard rock tag team of The Fabulous Tales Of Two Bands.

It’s simply packed full of great tunes that will quench the funk quota for both funk fanatics and jazz-funk afficianados.

Groove is King hits the streets on July 31, 2015 and you can nab the CD as well as a Bonus DVD which contains over 50 minutes of footage from the studio sessions, interviews with the members, as well as some other surprises.

Hit their site at for all of the details and snatch a free song download in the process.

Rock Candy Funk Party yet again snags our illustrious 5 out of 5 afros. Well done funky brethren.

5 out of 5 afros

Review: The Purple Xperience – John’s Creek, GA

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When you live near a major metropolitan area and Prince avoids your town for over 14 years (unintentionally or not), you take your fix where you can get it. So, I was thrilled when I heard that a Prince tribute band was coming to town named The Purple Xperience and even more thrilled to find out that at the helm of the keyboards was the one and only original Prince and the Revolution member Matt “Doctor” Fink.

Photo by Christine Swanson Photography

Photo by Christine Swanson Photography

Imagine my surprise when all of the preconceived notions I may have had went out the window. I knew they would open with Let’s Go Crazy. They didn’t.  I knew that they would close the entire show with Purple Rain. They didn’t. And I also knew that I would have to have a massive suspension of disbelief to feel like I was at a Prince concert. It wasn’t that massive at all and the biggest misconception was that it would not sound at all like Prince vocally. Shockingly, it did.

Fronted by the very talented Marshall Charloff, he hits all of the falsettos and screams and switches wardrobes a few times during the evening to keep the ladies in swoon. And unlike other Prince tribute bands, Marshall plays amazingly fluid guitar and great piano work as well.  The most impressive of which is the vocal work which he has nailed down to a science. Not to mention the sing alongs he leads the crowd through and the audience banter he’s nailed.

Dr. Fink was also at the top of his game with all of his trademark sound patches and riffs. When you consider that Fink actually co-wrote many of the songs you hear during the evening including Dirty Mind, America, Computer Blue and many others, it becomes much more satisfying. And let’s not forget that he is one of the pioneers of that buzzy funk we’ve all grown to love and adore. The innovator was in the house.

The rest of the band also does up the outfits to re-enact the nostalgia and complete the picture. The band stays tight and does great backup vocal work and at some points even picking up vocal nuances for Marshall to round out the sound.  From Dez’s trademark headband to Bobby Z’s perm. It was all there.

Purple Xperience 7-10-2015-026

Photo by Funkatopia

As you would expect, the band took on a very large chunk of the hits including Kiss, Let’s Go Crazy, Take Me With U, Raspberry Beret, Uptown and the likes, but also broke out occasional surprises like Darling Nikki, Pop Life complete with the audio segues you hear on the album, a revamped piano version of Ballad Of Dorothy Parker, and other delights we won’t ruin for you.

In short, the Minneapolis based tribute band isn’t just any other act. It is a full blown performance juggernaut and well worth the price of admission. And for hardcore Prince fans, having Dr. Fink at the helm makes the entire experience fun and nostalgic. To make it even more incredible, it sounds truly fantastic.

If they’re coming through your town, it will definitely be worth it and the perfect itch for those towns that get neglected. Cough, cough, Atlanta, cough.

Be sure to check the full photo album on our Facebook page!

And check out their Facebook page to find out where they’re playing next!

Prince Pulls His Entire Catalog

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Prince upsets the balance again by pulling his entire music catalog off of streaming services like Spotify.

In a huge move that will certainly shift the industry, Prince has removed his catalog from every streaming provider except Jay Z’s Tidal service. Previously, only albums released on the Warner Brothers labels were present and anything beyond that starting from Emancipation all the way to the new 3rd Eye Girl & ART OFFICIAL AGE releases were never present. But now, everything is gone.

Prince pulls music off Spotify

People searching for any of Prince‘s songs on Spotify will find a very heartdropping message that states;

Prince’s publisher has asked all streaming services to remove his catalog. We have cooperated with the request, and hope to bring his music back as soon as possible.”

Many speculate that the reasoning for it is twofold. The first being that Prince has been very animate about wanting to focus more on supporting black owned businesses moving forward. A statement supported by a speech he made during his performance in Baltimore. Which not surprisingly enough, was also broadcast exclusively on Tidal.

The second reasoning is that for even longer, Prince has railed on the streaming services for ripping off artists by paying them fractions of a penny for song plays. A passion that many artists agree is an unfair practice. Additionally, he’s made it very clear that he’s not happy with the practice of streaming music paying the labels twice and not the artists themselves as made evident on Twitter.



And all of which is surprising, since Tidal, while a tad more artist friendly, it is still leaned towards the streaming provider’s pocketbook (or wallet) and not a much better payment model than anything else.  If this truly is the reason for the walk out, it would behoove Tidal to take advantage of this marketing opportunity and tout the benefits of the “more artist friendly” service over their competitors.

Regardless of the reasoning, one could only imagine that if it is indeed the latter reasoning, Prince may once again recreate the music industry by renegotiating contracts with the streaming music providers to increase the artist share of song plays which will have a ripple effect for all of the artists on those platforms.

Once again, a new precedence looks to be on the very near horizon. And once again, it’s set by His Purple Majesty.

The Liv Warfield & Blackbird Tour

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The beautiful Liv Warfield and her band Blackbird is hitting the road to do their tour in Europe. Mr. Christopher chats with Liv about the upcoming leg, the band, Jimmy Fallon and much more.

Google Hangout technical issues caused a loss of the first couple minutes, but there’s still plenty of interview along with special guest Ryan Waters (guitarist for Blackbird)

Review: Orgone – Beyond The Sun

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orgone-beyond-the-sunFunk music was only perceived to have its “heyday” in the 70’s if for no other reason that it was a new genre of music that smacked on the one, rotated around the bass, and was magnificently easy to dance to no matter what your mood.

Fast forward 50 years later and the true funk genre has gotten buried as back drops for hip hop that people didn’t even realize how much they wanted and desired until Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars revived it with the chart breaking Uptown Funk.

But during those lost years, many bands have committed themselves to the sound and one of the most outstanding of which is Orgone that are creeping up on 15 years since their debut release and almost a decade since their historic album The Killion Floor.

Their newest release Beyond The Sun continues the funk tradition and takes it to an entirely new level by recreating the overall feel that takes the listener back to the original era.

The production is filled with warm tones that give the vibe that you’re sitting in front of your old record player. It creates a smooth hazy mood delivering super funky riffs and clean crisp soulful vocals laid out by new vocalist Adryon De Leon.

Adryon’s addition to Orgone continues their tradition of finding phenomenal vocalists to front the band and she does it with style, grace and power that lights up the tracks where she’s featured.

The 12 track album is a nice mix of instrumental grooves along with the solid bounce tracks that connect the dots. The album opens with the thump stomper Don’t Push Your Luck that introduces you to their new frontlady Adryon De Leon.

There are also a great bit of upbeat hoppy tunes such as Losin You, Take You Higher, pop classic-to-be’s such as People Beyond The Sun and tracks rooted in Mother’s Finest territory like I’m a Woman (I’m a Backbone).

There are also plenty of standouts including the closing Santana-esque Sabi and Meat Machine that sounds as if it was a lost cut from Super Fly.

Once again, we have no choice but to award Orgone‘s latest funkafied offering Beyond The Sun with the illustrious 5 Afros. They deserve it.

Get this album now.

5 out of 5 afros

Review: Van Hunt – The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets.

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Van Hunt - The Fun Rises, The Fun SetsIt’s never been a secret that we are big supporters of Van Hunt since the beginning of his career. Between his debut self titled album in 2004 and the release of On The Jungle Floor in 2006, we were insanely excited about the direction things were going.

In the interim there was a follow up unreleased album called Popular that Blue Note shelved in 2008 that would’ve solidified his legend in the R&B world, but instead only gathered dust (no pun intended).

In the timeline of his artistry, he continued on the path of attempting to set his individuality by creating his next album What Were You Hoping For? in 2011. But since the listening public lacked the advantage of hearing the progression of his journey since On The Jungle Floor, most of his fans were supportive but confused as to what happened. Like Disney World renovating the entire park without notice.

That nuance wasn’t lost on Van Hunt and he realized that he needed to connect the dots for his old school fans, but without sacrificing the integrity of his mission to continue his personal musical journey. Hence the arrival of his newest album The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets.

The high level of adventure and risk taking is still in full effect, but now includes songs that are far more embraceable and palatable to the general music listening audence, but still delivering on all fronts to appease all of us who have been enjoying the roller coaster rides.

The 13 track album features music stylings all over the sonic map and for Funkatopians, there are a lot of funk driven songs for the head boppers that creep along the lineage of Sly and The Family Stone and long play deep cuts from Slave. But none of which are standard plug and play and all of which offer many elements layered in for auditory nirvana from hand claps, sound effects, vocal screams, seemingly shocking breakdowns and masterfully placed bridges and riffs.

Van Hunt is fully vested in the sound of fellow visionaries like Bilal and D’Angelo where there is a willingness to add what seems like it may be too much until you realize that it’s just enough in the realm of sound, voice and instrument manipulation.

All of the tracks stand on their own as amazing songs, but none of which will ever find radio play with exception to the super funky Puddin’ which could find a home in top 40 if only radio would let it. But they won’t.

There are still the standard strange bits that Van Hunt can’t help but seem to create like She Stays With Me and French For Cloud (cstbu) which are more about the ambiance than lending themselves to sing-a-longs. But that has always been the undeniable attraction for most Van Hunt fans.

There are still his insanely sexy and flowing slow jams designed for the ladies like Headroom, If I Wanna Dance With You and Rub My Feet (suddenly). Deep and psyche intruding.

While we normally reserve the 5 star ratings for funk laden must have albums, this album is accomplishing something on an entirely new level that is truly undeniable and like with Prince’s Rainbow Children, we have no choice but to give it that rating if for no other reason that everyone needs to ingest this musical journey and experience it for themselves.

Get it now.

5 out of 5 afros

R. Kelly’s Atlanta Birthday Bash

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R. Kelly birthday in Atlanta 2015R&B superstar R. Kelly had a private surprise birthday bash at Time Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Atlanta, GA to celebrate his 48th birthday hosted by Devyne Stephens.

Star power was in full force including rapper/actor T.I., Devyne Stephens, Usher‘s ex-wife Tameka Foster, DishNation’s Ebony Steele, Mimi from Love and Hip Hop, and a host of many other music and film industry patrons.

Management group 10Squared did an amazing job managing the event and getting the word out to a star studded crowd to pull off the secret surprise birthday event for R. Kelly.  Time Restaurant and Lounge did their best to handle the crowds, but was simply understaffed and provided sub-par bar service. A shame that they could have really shined at this stellar event but were simply ill prepared..

But the focus itself was on R. Kelly‘s celebration and the singer was greeted with much pomp and party complete with a stripper in a make shift cake, glitter bombs, sparklers, and flowing champagne.

Funkatopia staff Mrs. Anitra captured 3 separate clips for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy and help us wish Mr. R. Kelly a very happy 48th birthday.


20 Best Funk Albums of 2014

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20 best funk albums of 2014

The best funk band releases of 2014 are listed here in all their glory.

We love putting together lists of great funk music, because there is so much out there that you can easily miss since terrestrial and even satellite radio completely ignore many of the bands on our list with very few exceptions.

So break out your wallets and get ready for the funkiest bands in 2014.  We purposely didn’t add numbers in order to make sure that are created equal in their funkiness. Enjpy this list, complete with links to check the albums on iTunes and in some cases even get and listen to the albums for free!

  • Brand New Heavies – Sweet Freaks (album link)
    Some of the pioneers of acid jazz funk are back to their original order complete with Ndea Davenport at the helm.
  • Rock Candy Funk Party – Live At The Iridium (album link)
    Rock Candy Funk Party is a conglomeration of great musicians and here they are performing live and captured and glorious.
  • New Mastersounds – Therapy (album link)
    The funky Englishmen hit the world with a great release and are even already in the process of creating a new album. They never stop.
  • Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket – Bucket Express (album link)
    On the flip side of a recent band shakeup, the band still released one of the best funk albums of the year. Here’s hoping it’s not their last. You can even listen to the full album on their website.
  • Freekbass – Everybody’s Feelin’ Real (album link)
    One of the funkiest bassists on the planet kills it with this crazy thumping journey.
  • Mike Zabrin – Funktastic (album link)
    We covered this debut album back in the summer of 2014 from the insane new bassist with incredibly catchy songs. An impressive launch.
  • Five Alarm Funk – Abandon Earth (album link)
    Canadian funk band Five Alarm Funk strikes again with another energized release that will blow up your speakers.
  • Analog Son – (album link)
    Analog Son got our attention earlier in the year and we still can’t take it out of our CD player..
  • Polyrhythmics – Live From The Banana Stand (oct. 2013) (album link)
    The Polyrhythmics take their amazing Libra Stripes album on the road and it’s insanely funky.
  • The Motet (album link )
    The Motet is simply fantastic and this album showcases a flash of the funkiness of their live shows.
  • Dopegems – necksnappin (album link)
    The necksnappin’ technically will come from all of the head bobbing you’ll be doing.
  • fo/mo/deep – groovy goodness (album link)
    Super infused with jazz elements, it’s magnificently laid back.
  • Floozies – Tell Your Mother (album link)
    This duo is super 80’s style funky and even better, use the album link and get it free. Yeah, we said it.
  • Earphunk – Sweet Nasty (album link)
    Another free album from Earphunk and it’s super duper funkafied goodness. Listen or download from their site.
  • Big Sam’s Funky Nation – Evolution (album link | website)
    The band that burns more calories in their live shows than anyone we know puts out another funky masterpiece.
  • Karl Densons Tiny Universe – New Ammo (album link)
    Killer new album from multi-instrumentalist Karl Denson that even features appearances from Mike Dillon, The White Stripes and more.
  • The Budos Band – Burnt Offering  (album link)
    Deep heavy ominous grooves and thick horns with a south of the border flair that could serve as the backdrop for a Quentin Tarantino movie.
  • Mingo Fishtrap – On Time (album link)
    If Gavin deGraw got stuck in the New Orleans bayou for a few years of his life, this is what his next album would sound like. But better.
  • Brownout – Brown Sabbath (album link)
    Funk band Brownout takes the tunes of Black Sabbath and recrafts them for their own purpose.  It’s dark, brooding and masterfully classic.
  • Kung Fu – Tsar Bomba (album link)
    Energized funky jazz music flair with crisp New Orleans style vocals and tasty Leslie licks and snap riffs.


Funkadelic – First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate (album link)
A huge oversight and literally coming in during the last week of December 2014, George Clinton and the boys slapped out a 3 CD collection of songs for the first time in 34 years. When you guys are right, you’re right.

Extra Bonuses
Check the suggestions below from our readers.

Did we miss some more? Add them to the comments below!  Hook us up and remember, the albums had to have been released in 2014 to qualify for the list.

Purple Rain Reunion Tour?

Posted by funkatop On December - 17 - 2014 21 COMMENTS

Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain reunion tour?Prince has apparently gone into hiding, which has started some crazy rumors and speculation.

The craziest one that we heard was from a trusted source who is normally on the money, but we’re thinking that this may truly be some serious wishful thinking. Stay with me…a Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain Reunion tour.

Yes, you heard right. We heard some totally unfounded and crazy  rumors that Prince was pulling together the old members of the Revolution in order to do a full blown Purple Rain reunion tour that will do Purple Rain in its entirety along the lines of what Stevie Wonder just did with his Songs In The Key Of Life tour where he plays the full album and then a handful of hits at the end.

This obviously would be “the” ticket if it were to ever happen, but we’re going to say this just isn’t happening. But the silence does make us wonder and Bobby Z having the floral decoration from the Purple Rain album cover does spark some head scratching. Could it be? That would be cray cray.

First off, if it is true, the former members (Wendy & Lisa, Bobby Z, Dez Dickerson, and Doctor Fink) are staying super quiet about it although none have divulged their location in their tweets or posts in the past month and all have also stayed suspiciously quiet compared to their normal chatter (except Dr. Fink who simply doesn’t care to tweet at all anyway).

And of course there is the passing of the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain reissue that was spoken about. Could it be that Prince had Warner Brothers hold off until the tour launched to help spark album sales?  Did he pull social media to avoid the potential leak of his plans?  Then of course, there is the dreaded…..silence….

How psyched would you be? How much would you pay to go? Do you have more fuel to add to this rumor fire? ADD IT!

Editors note (Mr. Christopher): I just don’t see this. This seems like way too big of a secret to be able to keep quiet, but I’m down. Putting aside the pennies and dimes now. If it did happen, it would be the biggest tour in the history of the world. But Dez was in the Modernaires at this point also, so not sure why he’s in the mix. Speculation.

Editor’s Update: A couple other sources came forward and indicated that this was not happening. Then another source said that they were told to say that. Considering that Prince rarely goes “back”, we’re going to file this under not true.  There would be no doubt that it would be the most amazing show ever in the history of the planet, but it would be great if Prince gave us a call to let us know what e’s up to.  We all would like to know. For now, this is the best false hope of the year.

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