Prince Dissed By Kanye West?


Kanye West Disses Prince & NPGAt a recent Prince concert  in Gothenburg, Sweden, Prince allowed Kanye West to come on stage with him during a concert.  Prince’s team accomodated Kanye’s crew respectively and the antics that followed. We heard about the event when it happened, but we simply didn’t want to add to the already saturation of blog posts out there. Not to mention that all videos on Youtube kept getting pulled by NPG Records, so hopefully you got to see it although most videos were simply of mayhem as Prince tried to escape the dozens of fans on stage while Kanye stood out in front rapping and remaining unscathed by the madness.

Well, now we feel as if we need to put in our 2 cents as our best bud site Dr. Funkenberry has reported exclusively that Kanye had an opportunity to return the favor the following evening and decided to diss NPG and tell them to leave.  NPG was positioned off stage (including Shelby J) and Kanye made some comment to his DJ and then NPG was escorted off before they were allowed to make an appearance.  It’s also reported that they then left 5 minutes into his performance.  We also got word from another source that the reasoning was that Prince was not in attendance and that Kanye wasn’t going to let NPG on stage if Prince wasn’t there.

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s not very wise to slap the face of Prince’s crew after he offered Kanye an incomparable opportunity to showcase himself on Prince’s stage which is an honor in itself. Needless to say, it has truly brought out the Kanye haters even though the facts aren’t completely in yet. We’ll update as needed, but if it does hold truth, Kanye is proving once again to not have changed at all from his selfish ways since the Taylor Swift fiasco.

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