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I can’t help but get very annoyed when people misuse the word “funk” so often.  We try to make sure that we stay tuned to the news around the world to let us know what’s going on in the funk world.  But nothing gets us ticked when we see people use it in a variety of ways that’s not only inappropriate word usage, but it doesn’t even make sense. Here are the top 3 uses of the word funk that we find the most ridiculous and uncalled for.

“That smells funky”
Insinuates that it has a moldy or powerful odoriferous smell that is offensive to the nose. This one makes us the most annoyed because of the “offensive” nature of the word usage. Funk music is neither offensive or disruptive to the senses except in a good way.

“She makes funky necklaces.”
This one takes a close second. Designed to indicate that the item is unusual or outside of the norm. More frequently used when an item doesn’t fit into any pre-determined category and mostly on things that are overly colorful like bright yellows, reds or odd designs. While funk groups of the 70’s may have dressed flamboyantly in golds and bright colors, that does not sufficiently mean that everything be ordained as “funky” if it looks like a funk group may have worn it somewhere on their outfit.

 “He’s been in a funk lately.”
This one isn’t so great either. This insinuates that the person has either been depressed, sad or, when used with sports, that he’s in a bad slump like a string of losses.  Funk is a good thing and it helps you out of depression. It’s sole purpose musically is designed to lift you up and that makes this specific usage the antithesis of what funk means.

So for the love of all things holy, please stop using the word funk or funky in ways that it was not meant. It not only does a disservice to the true meaning of the word, but it also makes you look shallow and mindless. You need to go to the dollar store and buy a thesaurus and find another adjective.  May I suggest something like Gaga. For instance, “It smells like Gaga in here.”

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