Prince Finally Releases Extra Loveable


For years, Prince fans have gone nuts that the song Extra Loveable has never seen the light of day. Well, apparently that has changed as Prince has re-recorded the classic song and pushed it out on iTunes Canada which is the only pace people can purchase the new cleaner version.  The new version features Andy Allo.

For Prince purists, here is the classic original song from way back when followed by the new version clip. You can purchase the new version on iTunes Canada.

And here’s the new version;

Prince purists are already going nuts online saying this is nowhere near the funkiness of the original. The song has been in circulation since the 80’s, so it’s no surprise that people are attached to the original. But the fact that he’s bringing out the unreleased funky tunes of the 80’s may be what Prince fans have been asking for for decades. meanwhile, some people who aren’t Prince fanatics are loving the funky direction. But we’re more interested in when we can buy it in the states.

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