Arrested Development and Public Enemy Performs Tonight


Arrested Development & Public Enemy in concert

The marketing folks must have been out to lunch for the Stone Mountain based club called The Atrium. Tonight at their hip little club, both Arrested Development and Public Enemy will be performing. The show starts at 8pm this evening with Arrested Development and then continues with a performance from Public Enemy. There’s not much you can say about the quality of this show for entertainment value, so it’s highly suggested that you get to it while tickets are still available and you can bet that you will probably never be this close to these bands ever again.

The Atrium website talks about the event indicating that tickets will be from $45-$75, but no¬†purchasing¬†options existed and a link to an EventBrite site on that page is also “out of order” due to a bad link job. The actual tickets to get into the show can be found right here. While their marketing leaves much to be desired, that may be your saving grace for getting into this show!

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