Philthy - Party Crashers

Interview: Phillip Lassiter & Elliott Yamin


This week’s podcast features co-host Michael Dean from PodcastJuice.netMr. Christopher chats about he evening, Prince-themed cruises, gets a surprise visit by Prince hairstylist Kim Berry and then is joined by Michael Dean as they sit down and talk about their Top 5 favorite Prince lost cuts/unreleased/deep tracks. They also dive deep into the question, “Are Prince fans really in a bubble?

Later in the podcast, they are then joined by NPG’s trumpet player, Phillip Lassiter to discuss his brand new project Philthy and their new release Party Crashers. Alongside Phillip is American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin who is the lead vocalist for Philthy and he shares stories as well of his time with Stevie Wonder and the journey from American Idol.

A podcast packed full of surprises and guests. Enjoy!

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