Prince: Dead at 57

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The worst possible news that could have happened hit the new and stunned the world. Prince was found dead at Paisley Park today as first reported by TMZ and then by all of the national media in confirmation.

Emergency units were seen entering Paisley Park at 9:47am and then the news got worse as it was soon followed by a hearse.  Rumors began flowing around the web and there were major concerns since after Prince‘s Atlanta concerts, his jet had to make an emergency landing as he had to be taken to the hospital for few hours before continuing his journey home to Minneapolis.

He reported via publicist that the reasoning was a recurring bout with the flu. It was the same flu that had him cancel the Atlanta shows on April 7th and postpone them until a week later. The Atlanta Prince shows were incredible and everyone present, including us, were convinced that he had fully recovered. No one could have predicted that it would be his last two performances ever.

To quell any more rumors, Prince made an appearance at a Dance Party at Paisley Park over the weekend on Saturday April 16 showing everyone that he was okay. He didn’t perform, but showed off his new guitar and new Yamaha piano.  Dr. Funkenberry also did a full podcast covering the events of the weekend that included discussions about an upcoming live CD, and other Futuresexy news.

Upon TMZ‘s announcement that a hearse was present this morning, the purple family prayed. The announcement was then made that Prince had been found unresponsive in the elevator at Paisley Park and was not able to be revived and they officially announced his death. There have been no indications as to cause of death announced, which will serve as no solace to anyone.  TMZ also shot out reports that Prince was making frequent runs to his local CVS for pharmaceuticals to treat some unknown condition.

Prince stormed onto the scene almost 40 years ago and has a full library of hits that have touched the lives of millions. His absence is devastating and we are incredibly honored to have seen his last two performances. We were also relieved to know that his Atlanta shows were documented and are going to be released sometime in the future for all to enjoy.

One can also imagine that many of his musical brilliance from the fabled vaults will slowly begin to emerge as the years go by to keep his memory alive for generations to come. No word on whether the authorized biography that he had agreed to release will come to fruition now, but he has already given us so much.

We are truly heart broken and we know that you are too. Please share your thoughts, prayers and feelings below as a sounding board. The world is significantly less amazing now. May you rest in peace, sweet Prince.

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12 thoughts on “Prince: Dead at 57

  1. Hard to process. He always seemed so youthful and in good health, physically and otherwise. RIP. Some of my favorites:
    Soft & Wet
    She’s Always In My Hair
    I Wanna Be Your Lover
    Pop Life
    17 Days
    Erotic City
    Pink Cashmere
    My Name Is…

  2. A Love Bizarre and Get It Up are Prince also. And I forgot about the 2 Madhouse albums….so much music!!

  3. 😔😢󾠔󾍀󾌹omg… i’m soooo very sad… So very honored to have seen him perform Live in San Diego… He ‘n Micheal, my HEROS in MuSiC 4EVER… May they RoCK the Socks off of Heaven… A very somber moment…
    LiFE is FRAGiLE… Don’t forget to TELL those you LOVE, you DO… 4 2moro may be too late…..
    ☮Peace… ❤️Love… ‘n Let his 🎶Music ⏳Live Long…
    #RipPRiNCE #PrinceTheSymbolThatLivesOnForever

  4. I can’t believe he’s gone a musical genius like no other. My heart is very heavy. Everything he made was my favorite.but if I had to choose a top favorite it would be PURPLE RAIN. Prince you were beautiful inside and out R.I.P.

  5. I was at the show as well. He was otherworldly & that show confirmed all my fawning. A true Renaissance Man-probably one of the very few born in the 20th century. How any truth can come of his self medicating is beyond me after seeing how perfectly he sang, spoke & played. Prayers of thanks to God for bringing a man with such spirituality & genius into our lives & bringing love into the world.

  6. I will dearly miss him and his wonderful music…..may he rest in peace an be happy……especially in the afterlife……go crazy my dear sweet prince…..

  7. Still can’t believe Prince has gone. What a talent, missed and loved by millions of his fans all over the world. Prince we Love you 💜🎤🎶🎸Our world will be a more lonley place without you, but the world is a much better place becouse we had you for a while to make our lives special. You made a lot of people feel life was worth living. Thank you Prince for being you 💋❤️💜

  8. Not quite 6 years later…not a day goes by I don’t think of our Sweet Prince💜 I’ve been to Paisley Park, his memorials that are held…..What I wouldn’t do to have you back!! Your missed and loved beyond measure…

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