Prince vs. The Time – Part Two

Morris Day and Prince
Morris Day and Prince - Photo obtained from

The Prince versus The Time experiment went swimmingly.  When The Time’s new album Condensate hit the store shelves, the verdict was out and for the most part, everyone loved the new album. Then the discussions began about why Prince hasn’t put out something similar and online arguments ensued. The spark of which was from the fact that Prince refused to let The Time use the band name essentially forcing them to change the name to The Original 7ven.  People went nuts and the debate was on.

So to get people’s true feelings out there, we took many opinions and statements from various music websites and a large portion from discussions on from the past few years and crafted the Prince vs. The Time post.  The post was designed to see where people really stood on the debate of Prince versus The Time and we worked it.  We used statements from fans saying that Prince is acting childish,  that Prince can’t do it like he used to, that Prince isn’t funky anymore, and we wrapped it up in support of The Original 7ven’s new album Condensate to draw those comparisons yet again.

And it’s nothing new that wasn’t already set up for everyone onscreen in the form of Purple Rain and then Graffiti Bridge. We even added in bits from the The Original 7ven’s account on their DVD about being yanked from the opening act because Prince was threatened by them. The results were astounding.  Here are some statements we heard in support of Prince and then followed by the support for The Time;

  • The Time wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Prince.
  • If The Time really felt like they were being held back, why haven’t they shaken the look that Prince set up for them?
  • They even named themselves The Original 7ven utilizing the number 7 which is Prince-ish in itself
  • The Time continues to play the old Prince songs even on their latest tour and only play one song from their new album. They simply can’t outperform Prince.
  • Prince has a library of music of 100’s and 100’s of songs expanding over 30 years. The Time hasn’t even collectively reached their first 100 yet.
  • The Time is an extension of Prince. Always has been and always will be.
In support of The Time, the statements were;
  • If the Condensate album were Prince‘s album, I would be screaming that “Prince is back
  • Prince can’t do this level of funk anymore and doesn’t know how to write a Top 40 song (that he performs)
  • All Prince fans want this type of album from Prince, but he just can’t do it.
  • The Time are simply much better performers as a band than Prince is on stage.
  • Prince has always been threatened by The Time.
As you can see, the jury definitely swayed in favor of Prince, but the reality of which is that this was never a competition in the first place. If anything, many believe that the “beef” between Prince and The Original 7ven was strategically set up to help promote controversy with the album to boost sales. Either way, controversy sells and it’s why we structured the blog post the way that we did and it worked great. It was good to see fire in the bellies of our fellow funksters.
But there still remains some unanswered items that even we missed and we’ll close with this.  Someone brought to our attention that there was a subliminal message in The Original 7ven band photo. Jesse Johnson is wearing a paisley shirt and giving “someone” the finger. Subliminal? Intentional? You decide.
The Original 7ven
Is Jesse giving Prince the finger?

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