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Clubesque with Sunni Stephens

For those that have never experienced a cabaret, it’s hard to find just the right one that will deliver that experience in just the right way. Clubesque is that experience and Atlanta is the lucky city to enjoy these strings of shows and there are still some left if you’re looking for a sexy show to lay your eyes on. It is sex and sensuality along with that enticing heavy lust that seems to drip from each performance.

Clubesque is a brilliant and bright cabaret/burlesque show complete with a perfect mix of talent, music and choreography without being too over the top, but standing itself on the edge of what a burlesque show can be and eliminating the eye rolling moments one would typically expect to endure. Yes, there’s nudity, but not enough to steal away from the tight choreographed moments or distract you from the performance.

Sunni StephensThe cast features Sunni Stephens, who is the primary star of the show as she works with talented dancers and performers including Gia Sunflowers, Kyle Collins, and Perle Noire to name a few. Frontlady Sunni Stephens delivers superb vocal performances with strong deliveries that she brings from her laundry list of past notable performances including the Bernie Mac Show, writing and producing multiple off-Broadway musicals, and her accomplished stage work.

There are plenty of “jazz hands” moments, but everything is decorated to showcase an ambiance of Vegas meets classic Chicago showgirls including the Clubesque theme song which delivers a perfect cabaret feel.  As Sunni Stephens points out during her performance, Clubesque celebrates femininity, beauty, and women. It embraces girl power and accentuates the power that comes from beauty and blossoms it into the forefront instead of being derogatory.

The show is strung together with music that brings together both original songs and rehashed classics and is essentially performances placed in succession to create a consistent emotional flow and at the same time avoiding the pitfall of derailing the musical ride.  Kyle Collins does a great job serving as the ringmaster to keep the show flowing and drag extraordinaire Gia Sunflowers also delivered great performances as well.

And probably the performer that most will walk away remembering is Perle Noire who is a world renowned burlesque performer that leaves you holding your breath including her “drum solo” which you’d have to see to believe.  The choreography is well done and all of it is oozing with sexual tension. The result of which might seem difficult to string together into any semblance of order, but that the Clubesque team manages to do well.

Clubesque is a perfect date night show that creates a sensual vibe that’s hard to shake out of your head even after you’ve left the building. Head to and check out any upcoming shows. As of this writing, there are still a couple more Atlanta performances and keep an eye out if you’re not out of the ATL because it very well might make it to your town.

If you’re looking for a hot burlesque show that will make you writhe in your seat, this is about as close as you’ll need to get without being burned.

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