T-Pain To Sue AutoTune maker


Now one out of the ridiculous file. Rap superstar T-Pain used Antares Technologies Autotune program to build his entire career. Many people agree that Autotune completely created T-Pain‘s career and that he wouldn’t even have a career if it wasn’t for Autotune.  Well apparently, T-Pain isn’t happy about having that over his head and went about creating a new relationship with another company called Izotope and T-Pain doesn’t want people to be confused indicating that it would confuse buyers as to which product he endorses.

Izotope will be creating similar products for consumer purchase including a microphone that will “T-Pain” your voice called the “T-Pain effect“.  Unfortunately there is no joke here.  So instead of thanking Antares for creating his career, he decides to sue them for continuing to use his likeness in ads and campaigns to sell their products.  And he’ll be using an alternate product that essentially does the same exact thing.

For T-Pain, he’s about to get a major dose of coffee. Because now he’s most likely going to find out the hard way that Izotope is probably infringing on Antares‘ copyrights, which will equate to a countersuit, a dissolution of the partnership that created him, and the award for looking like a total nutsack. Congratulations.

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