Prince Puts On Horrible Show


As reported on one of our favorite sites, Prince’s performance in Germany was atrocious. The crux of the problem was the sound which apparently went awry during the show. Many of the band members even went to Twitter to rage about the sound.

Prince and the band knew something was very wrong because even on stage everything was vastly different from sound check.  Upon further research on other sites including, many reported it was way too loud, bad echo, inconsistent levels, and even feedback. Prince is obviously not happy and they have insisted that they will get to the bottom of it quickly before the next show.

Meanwhile, a lot of comments from concert-goers, even Prince fans, say that this was just not a good performance at all.  The comments included statements about too much of the show being performed by background vocalists, poor instrumentation, lack of flow, and some even gone as far to say “Worst show ever.”

Obviously this is very surprising and not the norm for a Prince performance since he’s very picky about his shows being immaculately perfect front to back from all aspects. But if this is the fan feedback he’s getting on this leg of the tour, he needs to get it resolved quickly.  If you attended the show and have more details, please send them in or comment below. We would love to view the setlist and even more importantly hear your feedback on how you think it went.

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