Prince’s Short But Great Show


Word was reported via some bandmates that Prince was going to be putting on an amazing 3+ hour show in Dublin last night. That didn’t happen with the show coming up short about 30 minutes but the show was still spectalular according to attendees.

Apparently to not re-enact the debacle of the catastrophic Cologne performance, entry was delayed for near an hour due to an extended soundcheck. The show was primarily hits with a dabbling of covers like Play That Funky Music, COOL, and even a sampling of Bob Dylan. Haven’t heard complaints yet.

Needless to say, it appears that Prince is back in form. We are very much looking forward to seeing the full set list and get some feeback from folks that were there. Please fill us in!

1 thought on “Prince’s Short But Great Show

  1. It was a truly amazing concert…beautiful surroundings, amazing food, nice vibe…but most importantly a fantastic support act in Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and an outstanding performance by the man himself. He really gave the crowd what we wanted with all of his hits, but the highlight for me was his jam to ‘play that funky music’. Just looking forward to seeing him in concert again…what a night, what a performer.

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