$5000 Guitar Stolen From P-Funk Bus


George Clinton
and the P-Funk crew were playing a show in Memphis,TN at Shelby Farms when a guitar valued at $5000 was stolen off of the tour bus. The guitar was specially designed for a member of George Clinton‘s band and was a XOX Audio Tools guitar and was called “The Handle”.

Chip Washington, a Shelby County sheriff is investigating the matter and as of right now there are no leads. They are looking to see if the bus was broken into or if this was a careless incident of someone simply not locking the bus.

Either way, they need to be hunted down and smacked. Or better yet, put in a room alone with George for a minute. He can fix what ails ya.

UPDATE: Funkatopia obtained a photo of the guitar from the Cordova news website. In order to do our part in helping with the investigation, if anyone sees this guitar pop up at a music store or pawn shop, please call Det. Mickey Keaton at 901-568-5645!

Stolen Guitar P-Funk

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