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Dr. Fink Joins Prince Caribbean Cruise


Editors note 7/22/2018: Please read the additional insight at the end of this piece regarding charitable events and profiteering. 

Dr. Matt Fink has signed on for Prince themed cruise joining forces with 4TheLoveofGod, a 501c3 non-profit organization that will bring together many Prince related artists and performers. The purple party cruise is the first maiden voyage for 4TheLoveofGod who look to make this an annual event.

This cruise showcases Prince and The Revolution keyboardist Dr. Matt Fink, Chris Moon (the man who discovered Prince), Prince‘s first manager Owen Husney, Prince‘s hairstylist of almost 30 years Ms. Kim Berry, the “Painter of Pancakes” artist Dan Lacey, and even Funkatopia’s Mr. Christopher. All of which will be on the 5 day Western Caribbean cruise that takes place on the Carnival Triumph porting out of New Orleans, LA on Jan. 5, 2019 for 5 days and hits Cozumel, and then Progreso (Yucatan) Mexico and returns to port on January 10th.

The special guests will participate in a lot of events including meet and greets, autograph and Q&A sessions and of course many other special giveaways and events that are planned including live interviews and DJ’ing from Mr. Christopher, as well as past Paisley Park tour guide and singer TaNisha Ann Britton unveiling a new original song dedicated to Prince.

For those in New Orleans or that can’t afford to attend, 4TheLoveofGod is also planning a pre-party and meet and greet in New Orleans on January 4th, the night before the cruise departure. No details have been unveiled as of yet in regards to the pre-party, but the goal was to make as much possible to as many as possible. Additionally, since 4TheLoveofGod is a 501c3 non-profit, portions of the cruise would be tax deductible like items that benefit the charity,4TheLoveofGod merch, etc..

The organization is specifically focused on continuing Prince‘s humanitarian vision in providing music resources to less fortunate inner city children that includes purchasing music equipment and supporting music programs and other projects. More on their organization can be found here.

There are cabins starting as low as only $305 per person and cabins can normally house 3-5 people. The cruise has limited cabins available and only cruisers who purchase through the link at website will be able to participate in the Prince theme activities and performances. Other cruisers on the Carnival ship cannot attend the scheduled events associated with

Pricing will increase as the cruise departure time gets closer, so people are encouraged to get involved and get their reservations in as soon as possible. Once this block of cabins is gone, there is no guarantee that they will be provided with additional cabins.

People can also donate to the charity directly outside of the “fun-raiser” or by setting sail with the other purple Prince heads by heading to the website at for all of the information on the cruise and to reserve cabins with only a $100 deposit to lock it down. Get on the boat!

Editors note 7/22/2018: It’s important to note that this cruise is for a 501c3 charitable organization. 501c3’s are held to a VERY high scrutiny where it comes to any money. No one on staff at 4TheLoveofGod is even taking a salary. I (Mr. Christopher) bring this up because I’m beginning to get highly agitated as I watch all of these other cruises and events happening that are completely for profit go unchecked with only profit and money as the motivation, yet no one says a word. 

This cruise is completely legitimate and benefits charities that are close to Prince‘s heart and in line with his wishes when he was with us, and yet people are using words like “cash grab” and other insulting adjectives to insinuate profit motives. The profits from this event go to 4TheLoveofGod to bring their charity funding to continue to help inner city children acquire musical instruments that they couldn’t otherwise afford so that they can participate in school arts programs. So stop it. Get on the boat and show that you actually care about Prince‘s humanitarian efforts and participate in events like this that properly continue his legacy.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Fink Joins Prince Caribbean Cruise

  1. I think this is a tacky money grab under the guise of charity work. I would not support any of these people.

    1. For legal info on 4theLoveofGod, A Prince Inspired Charity, a US GUIDESTAR 501c3 Non-Profit go to or GUIDESTAR.

      DONATE for our MiND Project – Music4 inner-city Neighborhood Development Projects
      (New Adventure Alphine Crest Elem. 2019)

      4theLoveofGod THANKS U for your support!!! Always, Love God. & Prince – 4theLoveofGod

    2. None of the “guests” are getting paid to participate outside of a room to stay in while they’re there. They are a legitimate 501c3 non-profit organization who are selflessy putting tons of time and energy into this project to help inner city children and those who are less fortunate. No one is even salaried in their organization. It’s really important to do some research before you say mean things that aren’t true.

  2. I love the performances I love the band please get in contact with me for business offer the more we talk about it the more you understand me my stage name is The Prince Of Love♡. hope to hear from you soon Matt love on Facebook. sincerely serious

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