George Clinton Smokes Athens, GA


George Clinton and Parliament came in town and ripped up the Georgia Theater in Athens, GA delving into tons of the old classics including Funkadelic’s I Got A Thing. The party was on hard and it was kicked off funkily by Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. ¬†Funkatopia’s Mr. Christopher was there and he took hundreds of photos and refused to delete any of them unless they were plum awful. He does that. Click the George image below to check out the Parliament photos and click here for Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band!

YMBFBB and George Clinton 09-26-2013 Athens, GA

2 thoughts on “George Clinton Smokes Athens, GA

  1. Good Stuff funk G master good to see you doing the work and we needed that . Will Hook up soon Uncle G your my dude G. Great keep making them sweat the funk off the rump loll Its how we do Unc G your the boss of the funk boogie , Proud of you Uncle George you taught me well,. The funk is a language that speaks for the whole body Big on beats sweat in sheets never sleep the boogie funk man gone nah wake your but up..

    A for joy Unc G
    Peace & Funkola
    Calfornia Flight Project

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