Mother’s Finest Interview! Support the Band!


Mother’s Finest has been funk rockin’ since 1972 and they need your help. Mr. Christopher did an awesome 30+ minute interview with the root vocalists of Mother’s Finest, Joyce Baby Jean Kennedy and Glenn Murdock and they talked about everything from the state of music today, their upcoming new album, being accepted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and much more.  You can watch this historic interview below.

During the interview, they also mentioned their Kickstarter project which goes offline Sept. 22, 2013. Help them raise the funds to hit the studio to record their first new album in 15 years!  In exchange, get all sorts of exclusive gifts, downloads, and super sweet Mother’s Finest gear depending on how much you pledge. Pledges start at only $1 and go up from there.  So head to Kickstarter page here and pledge now and help the Mother’s Finest crew to reach their goal. Do it for the funk!

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