Interview: Living Colour’s Doug Wimbish


The name of Doug Wimbish may not be familiar to some, but he’s been everywhere. You remember the Sugarhill Gang? He was there. Grandmaster Flash? Spoonie Gee? Tackhead? Living Colour? That’s him.

Doug Wimbish is a true journeyman that has shared the stage with the birth of New York hip hop by supplying bass guitar for the Wood Brass and Steel, many of Sugarhill Gang‘s hits including Apache, Grandmaster Flash‘s big smash hits like The Message and White Lines, and the list goes on for miles.

Mr. Christopher was lucky enough to sit down with Doug and get his full story from the beginning of a bass phenom’s humble beginnings and all the way up to the latest funk rock release Stain from Living Colour. It’s not just an interview, but an entire musical history lesson in funk rock complete with songs decorating the background so that you can travel along this beautiful trip with Mr. Christopher and the celebrated bassist extraordinaire Doug Wimbish. Right here.

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