Prince Was Murdered – An Interview With Abigail Noel


Prince and Abigail NoelPREFACE: Please understand that as a journalist, I strive to get the whole story and that I realize that this topic, and in some cases this person, upsets a lot of people. This was not about agreeing or disagreeing with Mrs. Noel. I just wanted to bring you the story.


Prince was murdered. It wasn’t an “accidental overdose”, but completely intentional as planned through a collaboration of Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, Warner Brothers, and his personal chef, Ray Roberts.

That’s what psychic/intuitive therapist Abigail Noel wants you to understand. And you may ask, just who is her source of information? According to her, she has the most reliable source that there possibly could be. Prince.

You see, Abigail Noel is a psychic, or as she refers to herself, an intuitive therapist, who is receiving her information directly from Prince who has chosen her to share this truth so that he can receive justice for his murder and uncover facts that are getting buried by the media. 

I even asked her directly, why did he choose you of all people? There have to be dozens of people that are very personally close to him that could have easily been the recipient of his messages from the spiritual realm. She only knows the radio hits and isn’t even a hardcore fan. There are people close to the events that could have put the pieces together better than her.

Her answer; Because she is open to receiving messages from the spiritual realm where others are not. She didn’t ask to be chosen and she’s not even receiving any monetary gain from it. So what’s the deal here? What is her end game? And why is she so frigging mean on her Facebook page?  I asked her all of these questions and much more like, you understand that people think you’re crazy, right?  It turns out that she’s well aware of that.

So I sat down and listened for a full 45 minutes with an open mind, because I was curious. I need to hear her take on the information she has, and simply dig for answers. Who killed Prince and why? What evidence does she have to that end? I wasn’t trying to make her look crazy or prove that she’s a fraud. That’s not for me to say.  I just want to hear her story in a fair way, but to play devil’s advocate also. Yeah, there were probably tons more questions I could have asked, but I wanted her story laid out so that you can decide. I also wanted to avoid anything that looked like I was taking sides.

Prince FogAs a massive Prince fanatic, I still want answers about his death. And maybe she has those answers. What probably freaked me out after reviewing was that about 6 minutes into the interview, listening through headphones, I was able to hear a deeper voice in the background that was layered with her own. It kind of freaked me out a little. Maybe you’ll hear it too. But regardless, is she onto something? Do the questions she’s asking need to be answered?

To be clear, I fully believe in the spiritual realm due to some experiences that I personally have gone through that are truly inexplicable. And at the risk of sounding nuts, Prince has also spoken to me, but in a dream. I’m not kidding. He told me to stay the course with Funkatopia and that big things were going to be happening with this website and that he appreciated what I was doing.  It was incredibly vivid. Then I woke up and that was that. It was a dream. Written off.  What’s happening with Abigail Noel is different. It is an ongoing conversation with him in the waking conscious life. But so many people think she is wide eyed and insane. Is she?

Sit back and listen to the unlikely story of Abigail Noel, an “intuitive therapist” who started receiving messages directly from Prince and began giving her details about how he was murdered. Then decide for yourself. More importantly, talk about it in the comment section. I am very curious about what you think. No, really. 

144 thoughts on “Prince Was Murdered – An Interview With Abigail Noel

    1. Excalty this woman has no respect.. I’ve reported her on Facebook so many times of the foul mouth she has and yes she made a video about me threatening me of course she blocked me but there where several that’s in her group private message me and told me how she blasted my name and made threats. How do you swear and use God in a same sentence? Abigail please stop making a fool of yourself your not going to get any of the purple pie so give it a rest!!! That was a very stupid way of showing respect at PP you showed no respect none with that swearing and throwing swear words toward Tyka I hope she hears this video and takes you to the cleaners.She didn’t kill Prince so give it up don’t you think by now if she did she would be in jail,, (. I do ) You need help really bad and I’ll continue to pray for you…

      1. You’re also showing yourself to be questionable with this comment. Clearly you have a personal issue with this woman, and it is more absurd than someone trying to find the TRUTH. I’m not even necessarily saying that Abigail is on point here or that I support her positions, but your comment says a lot more about you than it does about her. While some of her FB postings are bizarre, they certainly don’t require being reported. Lay off the silliness and if you don’t like what she’s saying then don’t listen/read/follow her commentary.

      2. You’re also showing yourself to be questionable with this comment. Clearly you have a personal issue with this woman, and it is more absurd than someone trying to find the TRUTH. I’m not even necessarily saying that Abigail is on point here or that I support her positions, but your comment says a lot more about you than it does about her. While some of her FB postings are bizarre, they certainly don’t require being reported. Lay off the silliness and if you don’t like what she’s saying then don’t listen/read/follow her commentary. If you don’t have anything nice to say…..then lock it up.

      3. Lynne i dont even know who you are… delusional Lynne…ur delusional and chalked full of judgment sister… bugger off

        1. Once again, Abigail being petty and mean spirited. Abi, you better chill with telling people who disagree with you to “fuck off”…oh excuse me, “bugger off”. You save your extra mean spirited language for Facebook, isn’t that right?

    2. Good grief…. We got a lot of hate on here. Seems to me….Jealous….
      Anyone that is a true FAM, will not discount anyone trying to find the truth.
      Love 4 One another 💜

    3. not too sure but quite certain the Scriptures forbid ”talking with the dead” for the simple reason DEMONS who are prodigiously powerful and resourceful to DECEIVE love to manipulate and USE us… to them, it’s taking candy from a child. Channeling is a very dangerous thing for that reason… Entities can EASILY pass as our loved ones and use this Passage, ”Vortex” opened through CURIOSITY only, and not necessarily good for OUR OWN lives we should live in submission to God’s Love and Laws

    4. Nutjob?? That is exactly what they want you to think sheep…keep drinking the koolaid Bruce Lee, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, all just “died” yeah ok…my wish is that people like you wakeup!

      1. Exactly Exactly Exactly!!!!!

        A good WAKE UP Movie for the sleepers is


        It’s about how the role the CIA plays when it comes to controlling those that speak out or who want peace – especially those that have clout & a voice to be heard but the masses…



      They don’t look at evidence they only look at if a person is likeable.

      And they dismiss what they don’t understand like someone being intitive.

      So sad, sooo many ppl think like neandrathals

    6. Another intuitive also appached by the energy of Prince concluded murder as well.

      She gave evidence but reluctant to give names due to social media kicking her off their platforms when she has named culprits in other murder cases of celebs.

      I PRAY FOR JUSTICE IN ALL THESE MURDER CASES OF CELEBS who either knew too much or wouldn’t play ball with corporations of greed.

      Maybe one day the real truth will come out on how All Media outlets are monopolized & funded by blood money from mega corps that run everything!

      But even this won’t guarantee the “molded thinking” of the masses will believe the truth even if told to them by God himself!!

      Majority of ppl are brain washed sheep with medieval beliefs. They just changed the words from witchery & Sorcery to crazy & Looney.

      1. This is correct, like most of the tragedy in life, the heinous criminals responsible are usually the corporate overlords, the oligarchy and their own private army, the CIA. They control Hollywood, music, media, what your taught, they are most likely controlling our thoughts via voice to skull technology or directed energy weapons. All these accidental overdoses, they’re not accidents.

  1. Great interview! Thankyou Abi and Chris. Thankyou to all the truth speakers and truth seekers! Thankyou for your bravery!! The truth will set us free! 💜🙏💜

    1. What she failed to mentioned is in his words through her is Hillary Clinton ordered the hit while being atop the illuminati in which he joined i listened to her initial reading with which has disappeared off He was aware what he signed on to when was young, a great musician but a control freak and complete narcissist.

      1. So what he was a control freak & narcissist – most musician are and many many ppl are too for that matter.

        But how many professional musicians do you know that aren’t into heavy duty drugs & are as spiritual as Prince was?

  2. I love this interview, thank you so much.
    Abigail’s details and revelations about the murder of Prince Rogers Nelson have been verified and are factual.
    Thanking you 🙏🏽 🌟💜

  3. I guess we are both nut jobs because it rings true to me. Any Prince fan knows he was very health conscious. I even understand if he was in pain and taking medication, but the mislabeled meds and alarming amount of fentanyl in his system indicates/supports murder. We know he wasn’t suicidal at any rate, so murder is what is left.

    1. Your right and i truly beleive he was they need to investigate more and i beleive kirk johnson had something to do with it too

  4. I said his chef 👨‍🍳 his sister / husband and Warner Brothers because she cremated him the same day SMDH!! Which was odd but it’s still a mystery being it’s not verified on his death certificate when u look it up it’s not signed

  5. Abi is telling the TRUTH! I thank God prince chose her to tell is exactly what happened to him. Like she said she only knew the radio hits she was not a die hard” FAM” so she has ZERO to gain from this,she is not looking for or making a dime off of this she is simply the messenger of Prince basically screaming to the world that he was MURDERED! PLEASE PPL open ur friggen minds and eyes and give Prince the justice he deserves!
    ALL 7 WILL FALL ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. You go Abigail! Brilliant interview! All truth! Justice is coming and truth is being heard. Thank you Funktopia for hosting this interview. May more people wake up and KNOW what really happened to Prince rather than what they think they know or what they’ve been told.


  7. Thank you Abigail for being a voice for all of us that know the truth that Prince was murdered. Thank you Funktopia! Brilliant interview! 💜🙏🌈

  8. YES!!! KNEW it the minute they said Prince had died ! Abigail keep being the messenger for Prince , Prince was MURDERED! Thank you Abigail and Funktopia! Love this interview!💜

  9. Support Abigail 💯% Prince has come to a few of us !!! I was no fan, yet he came when he passed over .#justice4prince 💜

  10. Prince is coming to other psychics not just her. And we know the truth. She’s trying to be the next Sylvia Browne. But her mouth is out of line. And we know the truth.

    1. Hey Sally your fucking judgment is out of line and you stink from here… im not a medium and we are all psychic you fool… if u r so gifted, go do your thing and quit trying 2 knock others down. your jealously is green and blinding sister… green and blinding… you have shown everyone your ass girl

      1. Abigail you need something stronger . Like what kind of car did Prince get his Sister that she gave to someone else. You can’t use stuff that you can find on the internet. Warner Bros and Tyka made a deal? Ask yourself can you trust the entity that your talking to. Are you sure that’s Prince? Plus you should know in death there is no planning or knowledge or wisdom. Tyka is not his only family that you can reach out to.

    2. Couldn’t put it better, EXCELLENT observation, the only problem with her attempt is she is even more transparent than SB, using a tone box over her own voice to make a secondary ‘deeper’ voice, I’d love to see her try this in a room of people watching her, can’t use gadgets then 😀 Smdh :/

  11. I stand with Abigail and the entire True Purple family. As for you nay sayers. . . if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch. Justice will be achieved. 💜💜💜

    1. I wouldnt take justice into your hands it maybe given to you on JUDGEMENT DAY. Better off telling Prince if it’s him you are talking to forgive his Sister or any others that played a role in his murder. This is life.

  12. I have thought this from the beginning. One thing that wears on my mind is his Instagram post, that was removed why?? “Just when you thought you were safe”. He was and still is trying to tell us something. Tyka, @ that rewards show…. was WEIRD! So many other things. I could go on and on. I don’t doubt Prince was taking meds for his pain but this was no accidental death and it wasn’t a self inflicted death either. His faith was too great for that. I believe others in his camp know more and are scared to come forward. I really wish they would and I pray the truth is brought to light.

  13. Love you my dear Abi…..You are the bravest, kind , tell it like it really is soul i have ever known. I am proud to call you my friend…IL&G.

  14. Every this woman is saying has already been posted in the media. I think she is a bit strange and her anger supersedes her profession. Not sure where she is going with this.

  15. Every fact of evidence this woman is citing has already been posted in the media. I think she is a bit strange and her anger supersedes her profession. Not sure where she is going with this or what she is looking for. Honestly.

    1. Cheryl she stated these things before they were released by the media, one simply can go to utube to see her original videos, they’re all posted there.

  16. Every fact of evidence this woman is citing has already been posted in the media. I think she is a bit strange and her anger supersedes her profession especially given her statement that she was not a Prince “fan.” Not sure where she is going with this or what she is looking for. Honestly, there are thousands of people who are trying or are succeeding at making $$$ off of Prince’s death. I believe Abi is just another one of those people. The strangest element in the death of Prince is the MISSING Will. He was too busy savvy not to have a WILL. I believe he had a Will and it was intentionally destroyed.

    1. Cheryl if you actually go and check the first video she did on YouTube, you’d see that all the evidence Abigail gave was done so before the media put it out there..check it.
      You say you belive that he was murdered. If you truly believe this you should be happy that someone has the courage to speak out about it.If it was your brother, son, friend or father wouldn’t you want justice for them? Abigail is not cashing on anything to do with this. Justice, truth, love and peace are worth fighting for.

      1. Abigail Noel is the only one that has been telling the TRUTH!!!!!!!! TYKE, HER HUBBY KIRK JOHNSTON, PRINCES CHEFS & others were involved in his death & know details!!!!! I am with ABIGAIL NOEL 100%!!!!!!! Jeanne Lazzaro Nesconset NY

    2. Even when the demons were telling the truth, they were still cast out of the person by the disciples. Jus’ sayin’
      No matter the fortunes she made for the owners.

  17. Every fact of evidence this woman is citing has already been posted in the media. I think she is a bit strange and her anger supersedes her profession especially given her statement that she was not a Prince “fan.” Not sure where she is going with this or what she is looking for. Honestly, there are thousands of people who are trying or are succeeding at making $$$ off of Prince’s death. I believe Abi is just another one of those people. The strangest element in the death of Prince is the MISSING Will. He was too business savvy not to have a WILL. I believe he had a Will and it was intentionally destroyed.

  18. Prince has come to many of us since his dimise..alot if us have been awaken to his murder..Abigail Noel is not a nut job. She is the real deal.

  19. I don’t even have to listen to it I have always believed prince was murdered just don’t know who did it hopefully it will come to light and he will get justice they might want to start with tyka and find out who switched those pills in the suitcase I will always believe he was murdered no matter what anyone says because prince didn’t like taking drugs drinking or smoking prince you are loved and missed by millions

  20. Great job Abi! Sooner or later people will WAKE UP! Real Prince FAMS know the truth. We will just keep fighting the fight and WE WILL HAVE JUSTICE FOR PRINCE!

    1. Hi! Abi Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Maurice as you know already. I feel a connectuon to Prince It may sound crazy. I always wanted to perform to some degree on stage with Prince .Great spritual messages in his music.(Contriversy) in his music. The l feel I also will have a connection with him because, (listen to the song Contriversy and you’ll (Hear Ccount Your Blessings)

  21. Great interview. Thank you Chris for having an open mind. Saying Abbi is controversial is an understatement of epic proportion. She is Loud and Raw and Real. Can you imagine knowing what she knows to be true and being coy about disseminating the information? Pure information is not pretty. This is not a pretty story. I believe Prince chose her because she will NOT be silenced. I can’t imagine being in her place. I have run her words through my own filter. I trust what I know. I will stand with her.

  22. Thank you, Abigail, for standing in your truth about what you know to be true regardless of the opposition! Too many are afraid to speak truth to power because of the possible consequences. Having such courage, no wonder Prince chose someone like yourself to carry his message forward. I salute you and support your efforts!

  23. This lady is looking for attention at Prince’s expense. Prince would of fired those chef’s and brought charges against them not teling his friends. She is a fraud. Sorry not Sorry.

  24. Facebook pulled my live recording for copyright infringement due to the music playing in the front of the video. But I want to be clear about my (Mr. Christopher) stance. I’ve gotten a LOT of hate mail and posts for even speaking to Abigail because people have said that it is offensive to the Prince fam to even entertain her or give her a platform.

    Post interview, a few of Abigail’s fans saw my Facebook Live post and began telling her that I was saying that I didn’t believe anything she had told me. To be clear, I never said that. I said that I don’t know WHAT to think. I made it very clear since it started (even to Abigail before we spoke) that I was going to conduct the interview fairly and give her the ability to speak her mind.

    I do NOT disbelieve anything she is saying because I have no idea what she’s hearing or how she’s hearing it. You can’t disprove something that you have no way to disprove. You either believe her or not. On the flip side, I also have no idea about the timeline about when she found out things “from Prince” versus when the authorities discovered certain details. Certain things like him smoking pot and such did NOT set well with me. It has nothing to do with the case and affects the perception of his character and that’s not fair to him.

    It seems like there are two pieces of info that can be investigated in lieu of what she’s saying. The first is that they can test for fingerprints on the pills. If Tyka was handling his pills, her fingerprints may be all over them. The second is that they could test for bromelaine in the blood samples to corroborate the story about him consuming pineapple juice before his death. That would prove that she’s right about Ray Roberts (the chef) giving him juice when he died which would cause suspicion since it was something he left out.

    Those two things would either prove or disprove what Abigail is saying. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t believe in the spiritual world, you’re silly. But whether or not people can communicate is unknown. It’s all hearsay.

    Abigail via text accused me of “waffling”, but in order to waffle, you have had t be on one side and then switched to the other. I have never taken a side on this matter, so there’s no waffling or flip flopping. There’s a lot of stuff outside of this comfortable Prince bubble we’re in, and this interview was simply a way to shine the light on someone very polarizing. Believe what you want. I am NEITHER a Abigail Noel supporter or detractor.

    And for those people to say that I am anti-Prince for posting this, they are out of their mind. Regardless of what you are comfortable with hearing, wouldn’t it be MORE of a disservice to Prince to not look at other potential details, no matter what source they come from? Granted, this source is unorthodox, but sometimes it happens that way.

    I personally don’t like any of this because it creates a lot of dissension among the Prince family, but folks, it ain’t all pretty. Trust me. I’ll be VERY careful about posting items like this in the future.

    Abigail will be doing a video this evening talking about me, so that will be interesting, but otherwise, we’re done here and my apologies to those who got offended by this interview.

    1. I read your article and you seemed very nice to her.. you actually for listening to her segment.
      I completely believe you had your own Prince experience… many , many have and you make a lot of people feel sane.
      Prince DEFINETLY would be all about this, no doubt! Lol. He wouldn’t be cussing, he’d make a fortune with his cuss jar!🤣
      I don’t agree with everything she says, but I do listen..cuz, U never know why Prince decides to do what he does… Remember… A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.
      I am along for the ride …for sure.

      Peace and be wild.💜

  25. I like her can sense when there is a presence so I believe what she says I have always thought he was murdered she has nothing to gain but the truth from her coming forth with this information I stand firmly behind her! To anyone who calls her a nut job why hasn’t she been brought to court for slander?! The truth will be brought forth and this who love Prince and know Prince know he will find a way to get the truth into the light. I truly enjoyed this interview.

  26. Pay no mind to the haters
    Abigail info should be investigated!
    9 times out of 10 most victims knew the individual that murdered him or her
    I believe Prince was murdered and that it was an inside Job!
    I’m a long-term Prince fam& I knew the day he passed away that he was murdered. I was physically sick on April 21 2016

    We all know the life long battle he had with WB
    Interesting how When Prince submitted PR REMASTER to WB WHEN he was alive! WB played games with Prince .WB we’re resistant to pay Prince properly. The tweets about the PR REMASTER speaks volumes! PR Remaster is released after Prince passed away. Hmm interesting

    Elisa Florillo Dease posted a comment about Tyka on her Facebook that speaks Volumes!
    It is also on the org

    It is true that record label take out a life insurance policy on artists
    Artist are worth more DEAD THAN ALIVE
    Trust me I know because I have a family member in the music industry! !!

  27. I absolutely believe Prince was murdered.. let’s hope The Truth will finally come to the surface. Thanks Abi.

  28. Thank you Abagail, I believe you! I felt that there was foul play as soon as I heard of Princes death. I hope they test the blood samples for the juice, justice needs to be served for Prince and all of us who loved him and what he stood for!

  29. I believe it!!! 100% I have always believed Prince was murdered, I’ll defend him till the end. Abigail has it right on I feel you….you get respect if you treat people with respect. If you don’t, I let you know in a very disrespectful way.
    I’m a good person just don’t fuck with me!!! Thank you Abigail for everything you are doing for our Prince! His FAM loves and misses him so much, the truth will come out I have NO doubt!

  30. Stop attacking Funkatopia. He was simply doing his job as a person who interviews all walks of life-and gives the benefit of the doubt and listens to all sides as an interviewer should. His opinion is not to be questioned or his motives for having a guest on his show. It’s his show and he can do what he wants. Social media really has brought out the worst in people. Everybody’s voice matters-Even if you don’t personally agree with what the person has to say-don’t shoot the messenger. Funkatopia has given much support and love to Prince and his fans over the years. So please stop attacking him just because you have a keyboard to type on and a voice. Think before you speak. This fellow Prince band member appreciates what you do Funkatopia. Just wanted you to know that you are brave and to stay strong. -Elisa Fiorillo NPG for life.

    1. Thank you for showing support to Funkatopia Elisa! Even though I do not agree with the topic, I 100% believe Prince supported and appreciated Funkatopia and how it supports him and other real musicians. Love and support to you as well!

  31. She has no reason to lie. I believe she believes. I personally do not feel closure. She may be on to something.

  32. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out against WB and thank you for putting this perspective up Funkatopia. Thank you for standing up for Prince. For those of us who love Prince the official story does not ring true at all. His lyrics showed us something has been amiss for awhile. I wish there was more respect for people who are intuitive, but I am happy to hear this account of events. We have been lied to constantly about many events and the version of the story told by the corporations and the profiteers never feels right. I wish everyone love, grace and truth. (This also takes the blame off Kirk and I think that is great because Prince thanked Kirk so earnestly at the last show at PP)

  33. Hi Mrs. Abigail i read your article about Prince, Im a huge Prince Fan. i appreciated u r searching 4 the truth and I Do Believe Prince Is Communincating with u in Spirit. i know that he wont his death and whatever his family is doing right r not will come 2 Justice. i feel in my heart His Death Just Dont Sound Like No Accidential Death 2 Me Please Do All U Can With Prince As Your Guidian Angel Lead U 2 The Truth.

  34. Thank u 4 fighting 4 him… Words cannot xpress how much this has effected me & as i’ve done since i was 11 at risk of sounding like a schitzophrenic lunatic i won’t go in2 my REAL beliefs about what P was/is 2 this world.

  35. Thanks again for the interview on Funkatopia the official story never rang true to me and with brave people like you willing to take on WB one day the world will be the beautiful place our beloved Prince envisioned I wish you peace, safety and harmony. Since you were not an old school purple head like me, I wanted to share this article with you about the frequency issue. Prince got thousands of questions when he said he would answer them from the public but he only answered one, it was about the frequency of the music. Industry standard is 440hz though 432hz is in harmony with the Universe and the body. He wanted 432hz. May kindness, love and joy continue to connect us all. If there is a group of people of all nations and all classes that could bring love and lasting change to the world its the Prince Fams our Love4oneanother is not broken by creed, color or nation 🙂

  36. All I know is that we all want justice for prince I know it was murder and if someone is going to fight this hard to find out the truth then more power to her and who are we to say she is nuts but she does make a lot of good points I personally believe her

      1. Thanks sooo very much for doing & sharing this, & keeping an open mind, funkatopia! and

        to Abigail — AMEN! AMEN! & AMEN, sister!!
        XOXOXO of MUCH LOVE, brother Prince – I’m/we’re still profoundly feelin your absence! (a bottomless, gaping HOLE! – OK, I may seem a li’l dramatic, but your sudden Departure IS DRAMATICALLY HEAVY!)… until we meet again* APZ

  37. Abigail Noel KNOWS the TRUTH about Princes death!!!!!!! There should be MORE PEOPLE in the INVESTIGATION like her!!!!!!! She wants JUSTICE FOR PRINCE, like all of us do!!!!!!! Jeanne Lazzaro Nesconset NY

    1. The Carver County Police dept need to contact Abigail Noel ASAP.In 2014 Abigail Noel gave details of the Late Basketball player Lorenz en Wright ./Abigail named Lorenz Wright murderers back in 2014 along with other details.during an interview The 2014 interview can be found on youtube . Seven years later Wrights ex wife was charged with his murder.
      Please I urge everyone who has doubted Abigail to give her a chance.
      She is telling the Truth about Prince!

      1. I believe that dear Prince was murdered and that his family and the Carver County Police Dept. already know that truth. Maybe they have been paid in this big murder coverup. I only met Prince once and have been kicking myself for not being allowed to attend even one of his concerts.

        1. Prince’s murder laid heavy on my heart for a longggggg time. I’m an old woman and no one has ever laid on my heart like him. Even to this day, I find myself sometimes just talking to Prince. I certainly hope he knows that many of us love him and want the truth to come out, no matter what lies are being told to us about him. I cannot think of one person who has never done anything that he/she regrets in his/her life so why should we not let dear Prince know in spirit that we love and care about his life? Prince, this old lady cares and loves you forever.

  38. Being a massive fan for 33 years I was heartbroken when he passed… literally couldn’t function for weeks.
    I was always suspicious about his sister, she has never featured in his life and upon his death she’s in the uk giving heartfelt interviews!!
    To even think he was murdered just breaks my heart again and I hope if all of what Abigail claims is true that justice is sought and my beloved Prince can rest in peace 😢

  39. Just remember Prince found something “special” in people we may NEVER knew had talent before he found them. Maybe, just maybe he chose this gal for a reason!

    1. One more thing.. WHY wouldnt EVERY single one of his fans not want to allow this gal to go forward with ANY of this information- truth or not WHO is this gonna hurt. NO ONE!! Prince is gone and we are devistated! WHY not LET HER push forward. WHAT IF? imagine WHAT IF???!! Im in, you GO GIRL!!!
      💜WHY NOT💜

  40. I believe. Before Prince died, around two weeks before, a random thought entered my head. ‘I wonder when Prince will die?’ The answer given was ‘I think he will die soon.’

    I have dreamt of him for years, during times of stress and times of real difficulty. A reassuring prescence tbh.

    Abigail doesn’t need to answer questions as much as others do. Believe or disbelieve. It is that simple.

  41. Well she sure played a major role in busting open the Lorenzen Wright murder case (even without getting her props for doing so) with names and detailed information about what took place to the point where I saw everything clearly. She seems sane and logical to me… I enjoy her and love the fact that she does respond back. You may not like how she responds but that’s your pp (personal problem). Keep on doing you Abby, you are appreciated (hate is a form of appreciation too, ijs)..

  42. How would the chef benefit? If he suddenly gets rich that would be very suspicious. How abiout Kirk Johnston? He was on the plane and one of the people who found him.

  43. Sometimes the truth is buried. ‘If you eliminate the probable, the impossible becomes probable.’ (Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes).

    I had a dream last night that he fell sick at an event, I was there and shouted for this guy to get help. He walked slowly away,. I shouted for him to hurry but he only picked up the pace slightly he came back as if he had done nothing. Prince was unconscious and then strangely Rene Zellweger called for an ambulance.

    Dreams are weird.

  44. I just read that a search warrant was not issued for Paisley Park until 28th April. I looked online and it seems a warrant can usually be issued within 24 hours as in most cases there is 24 hour cover.

    Any reason for the delay.

    When did Carver County Sheriff Dept announce the discovery of drugs at Paisley Park (not the ones Prince had on his person)?

    I have been on the Sheriff website and there is nothing going on. The documentation is very light. just a few things and the log of previous calls regarding suspicious vehicles, fire alarms and two people dressing in black getting in via the wire fencing that they had pulled apart. That was on 18. April 2016. Also references to a call about blackmail.

    1. Why does any one care if Ani is full of shit or not? She is the ONLY one along with his cousin who is keeping Prince alive for us. Soon it will begin to fade and become a sad memory we individually hold near to our heart. As long as Abi and the ones who believe in her TRUTH stand strong, our man’s light shines on and burns bright not just within us but for the world to see-still. I wanna believe so I’m going to do just that…💜

  45. The name of Prince’s manager is Yvette NOEL-Schure. This woman’s name is Abigail Noel. 7 months after you post this it was uncovered Prince was given counterfeit vicodin, laced with Fentanyl, a known lethal opiate. When an angel delivers a message, it is not supposed to be relevant, it just needs to be heard. As for why Prince chose this woman, it’s pretty obvious he might have been aiming for his manager but this woman was more open to receiving the message.

  46. I can’t believe that you believe a fake & a scammer she steals others predictions uses as her own she uses public info says she channels it shes nuts…. no normal person would say God’s favorite word is the F word she talks to demon’s

    1. OMG open your eyes she is just a flagrant fraud leeching off people just do one and disappear pathetic excuse white noise irrelevant

  47. I belive her 100% i belive in Justice to!!!prince Will always be in my ❤️ I hope that the murders hwo killed him Will be catched!i hope they get life sentice in jail so they can be punished for what they did to prince so prince get’s rest en peace! Love you prince❤️💜.i have respeckt for Abigail Noel i stand by your side and prince huis side forever!

  48. This woman does not speak to Prince. She has no evidence. On the other hand, Andrea Mai who does speak to Prince and is his twin speaks to Prince. Andrea also says Prince was not murdered. This corroborates what officials or the authorities have discovered through a lengthy investigation. There are demonic spirits that claim to be celebrities. This woman has no evidence to show whom she speaks is the spirit of Prince. Andrea Mai has Prince saying his name and other spirits have referred to Prince in recording. Please see Andrea Mai’s page. Since Abigail has no proof and is also going against the findings of the authorities of Prince’s death it is easy to assume she is wrong in her claims. I believe she thinks she is speaking with someone, but she is not speaking with Prince. Also I may add from what I am being told as an experienced medium and old soul her information about twin flames is not correct either.

  49. She cannot be talking to Prince because her details are wrong! You can verify that some of her claims are wrong with the police records released by Carver County. Whatever demon she is talking to has a different agenda (Pray for her deliverance, people). Prince was in a lot of pain and by perpetuating this false murder narrative, you deny him the compassion that he deserves from what he suffered. All this has done is spread more hate and despair, and distrust. This is NOT Justice4Prince at all. Do not give this person any more of your attention.

  50. At 12:29 she claims that when he returned to Paisley Park, he told everyone to go home, and that he was angry because of what he found out at his doctor’s appointment. She alleges that the doctor said that he had so much heavy metal toxicity in his blood, it was as if he had been poisoned. She insists that he had arsenic poisoning.

    Her claims are easily debunked with the police report in the file named Investigative Report #1, page 71, point number 8.

    “Schulenberg said Kirk got in touch with him again on April 20th and Kirk brought Prince to the Hwy 7 medical building at 5pm for blood work.”

  51. She insisted 3 times that he went to the doctors at 3pm. According to police reports, he arrived at 5pm and left at around 6:30pm. His other assistant was waiting for him at 4:30pm to go to the doctor’s, but Prince said she didn’t have to go, he would just go with Kirk. I am stating this fact because that is around the time they left Paisley Park for the appointment. She claims he sent everyone home when he got back. They arrived back at Paisley Park at around 7:30, and the chef was waiting outside, and Prince rolled down his window to wave him in. Prince went to his living quarters at around 8pm.

  52. The chef was asked to just drop off the food that evening. The chef stated that he made him a roasted pepper bisque, a salad, and a smoothie. (Let me point out here that she claims in her own videos that he gave him lemon water sweetened with pineapple juice. This is hardly considered a smoothie. Let’s not mince words here.) The chef left at around 8:30pm. The two staff members left at around 10:30 pm.

  53. Her assertion that he had received blood test results showing heavy metal toxicity on that day is wrong. It was at this appointment that day, that he was getting blood work done and provided a urine sample to screen for drugs. The test was positive for Opiates and nothing else. They sent the sample to a lab for further testing to find out which Opiates. The police were able to get his test samples from that day at the lab. He was prescribed medication for opiate withdrawal.

    1. Yep and Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter involved in Pres Kennedy assassination! And Sir Han Sir Han was only responsible for Robert Kennedy assassination and Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe and countless others ‘accidentally’ ‘overdosed.’ Yeah I believe everything the powers that be tell me because they are so open and transparent.

  54. All this info I stated in my comments above is publicly available through Carver Country police if you are to verify facts. Her “facts” are incorrect, her conclusions are unproven, and she does not back up her claims with receipts, she just insists that her claims are verified.

    1. I don’t believe if a cover-up has been done that anything in those police records will be accurate. I believe his illness was conducive to arsenic poisoning and if those who were conducting this investigation weren’t such COWARDS, then they would find the truth, as an EMT I know the toxicity level he had in his system was not consistent with what they said he took and my Paramedic brother who thought Prince took the whole bottle of pills agreed that it was not possible! As an Empath, the taste of metal in my mouth makes me believe Abi is right on point. Our intuition is enough to keep us going, WB is big but they have an Achilles heel and we’ll find it, a psychic pie wow may be needed but the person who poisoned him, they need to be afraid, very afraid. I will say that I disagree with one thing and that is the Messiah thing, one Messiah, Jesus and I do believe Prince wouldn’t want it any other way. Maybe she it meant it differently!🙃 T 💜 & ✌

      1. I too am an empath and the moment I heard he passed I said ‘he was murdered!’ His sister gets him cremated within 24 hours of him passing???? Thats UNHEARD of and its not a Jehova Witness thing like they want us to believe. Abigail Noel has put so much out for bringing this to light Purple Fam should support her and we the people should demand a further investigation. No pills in stomach. Blood result proves it wasnt injected! Only liquid in his stomach. Yes arsonic. That chef was a pawn in a larger game AND a few years ago I saw his shady ass at PP, he makes eye contact with NO ONE!!!! Guilt written ALL OVER HIM! He was planted from jump and if people dont believe the actual evidence AN provides well I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell ya’ll! Am I right Terri! Good lookin out! We know!

  55. Price was murdered!
    It was a cover up!
    He had so much fentanyl in his system it was overkill !
    Also he had an unknown new drug .

    Abigail and her group have uncovered a huge amount of lies,motives ,
    The cops dropped the ball!
    Why did they close the book on the case instead of leaving it open to new discovery?
    There are and were thieves in the temple !!

  56. Just cried all the way through your interview, Abigail. Prince was my first friend through his music, I’ve ALWAYS believed that a Prince was murdered. Thank you for speaking out. I can’t listen to his music anymore as I refuse to line the pockets of his murderers…..

  57. I’ve had that feeling too. Watching only certain people benefitting from Ps work. What about the question as to why there was no will and testament? Because Prince wasn’t thinking about dying anytime soon. Why wouldn’t such a perfectionist like he was be prepared to the fullest?or who knows maybe he was and it just vanished. The sister had access to the house as did his assistant or other employees. Makes no sense. There was no way he would have left everything to the sister NO WAY. I am not saying, I, a nobody, would know him personally just asking some questions.

    1. Yep yep! And who has ever heard of a celebrity or anyone for that matter getting cremated less than 24 hours of passing and no it is not a Jehova Witness thing. Its a shady a** thing!!!

  58. I feel Abigail’s version is much more likely than the official one, Prince was wasting away, he knew he was in danger ‘just when you thought you were safe’. Prince was murdered, one day to the year WB gave him back the rights to his music. They are evil.

  59. We’re not all psychic. Psychic is witchcraft. God has nothing to do with psychic power and God would never deny his own Son Jesus whom he gave as a sacrifice to save all the world. I believe Prince may have been killed but not by his family or his chef. The mafia does exist and they do have connections to the music industry. He very well could have been a mafia hit by those who want control of his music and money. If not, then he died of a drug overdose. Whatever spirit that is speaking to you is just that, it’s not Prince.

  60. Warner Brother fake joos were pissed off that Prince won his 32 year court battle for his music.
    Fat Joe, Remy Ma and Jay-Z “All The Way Up” 2016. Listen to JayZ’s lyrics. He made ‘friendly’ connections with Marina Abramovich “ Do What Thou Wilt” . YouTube “Maria Abramovich says JayZ Used Me” JayZ got connections to do new deals with Prince. You don’t assassinate a man on the month in which he wrote only one song about his death in April and on the date of his 3+1 21 album address of a house he rented. Look up Gematria: the joos way of calculating numbers with birth dates and planned murder dates. Blood rituals. If you need more info go to Instagram : killuminatimedia33 . I just learned from him about Gematria Aug 2020.

  61. Anyone that knew Prince knows that he’s gone, he’s not bothering with what was left behind, he often spoke of when he went he was going somewhere else(both before and after his conversion to Jehovah Witness), and he wasn’t going to stick around here after his body stopped moving. This woman may be talking to someone (I personally believe she is not and is using Princes death to further her own popularity agenda) but it isn’t Prince. He’s gone, moved on, and he’s not coming back, especially NOT to talk to a two bit huckster that is trying her best to make his death about her. Let us do our best to honor that one of a kind never again genius by pretending AN doesn’t exist, it’s the very least we can do for him, in gratitude for what he has given to us. I love you, my brother, go with God.

  62. Has anyone else heard it could have been someone in the recording business & May be cashing in Princes’s Great Gift!?
    …..Follow the $$$$$$$$!

  63. I truly believe he was murdered. He spoke of the illuminati and that was that. The global elite murdered him for speaking the truth.

  64. Ya Abby is bat shit crazy. It runs in her family. She lived with me and my father along with her crazy mother Karen and her brother Nathan. She’s a fucking pervert. I was 16 and she would sneak into my room and have sex with me.

  65. What is sad is so many people legit people looked into his death but this guy interviews a looney. I suspect the estate put him up to it. There is a whole file to back up the suspicion around his death. We know he was poisoned per the police and we know poisoning is murder. Why would his best friend’s attorney say his client had to plead the fifth in the Civil case because his client might be charged for crimes that the statute of limitations does not run out on. Think people

  66. What is sad is so many people legit people looked into his death but this guy interviews a looney. I suspect the estate put him up to it. There is a whole file to back up the suspicion around his death. We know he was poisoned per the police and we know poisoning is murder.

  67. What is sad is so many people legit people looked into his death but this guy interviews a looney. I suspect the estate put him up to it.

  68. I don’t know how I came across this page, but as a medium & seer myself this woman is telling the truth. This is literally the same message I received. This man was murdered & betrayed by his family & handlers. Energy doesn’t lie.

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