Jesse Johnson Wakes Up Dead


Ex-Morris Day and The Time guitarist Jesse Johnson apparently died yesterday morning when his Facebook account showed the following message:

Guitarist Jesse Johnson, was found deceased in his Hollywood, California residence earlier yesterday. The apparent cause was not clear and no official statement, regarding the musician’s cause of death, has not, nor will be made, until the Los Angeles County coroner’s office has conducted a full autopsy and toxicology test have been completed. – CNN-Natalia R. Phiffer 10/27/2013

This obviously sent fans into an absolute craze until many hours later when Jesse Johnson quickly set the record straight;

Jesse Johnson dead


Luckily for all Morris Day and The Time aka The Original 7ven fans, he’s still alive and kicking. And although he’s not playing with them anymore, the good news is that Jesse will be on D’Angelo‘s new album, but the way the post was worded made it sound as if he’s recording a new album and also a new D’Angelo album. Could Jesse Johnson fans be getting a double dose coming soon? Oh man we hope so.

But the best news of all is that he not dead.

3 thoughts on “Jesse Johnson Wakes Up Dead

  1. As a huge fan of the original time, this is extremely frustrating. If they had no plans to do anything new then why bother in the first place? My theory is that Morris sold out to prince. I think that once prince found out that that denying them the use of the time name wasn’t going to stop them, he made Morris an offer he couldn’t refuse. Prince has always been a control freak. Lately since the year1999 oddly, it seems like he’s been trying to erase his wild and crazy past now that he’s found religion. So maybe he’s also trying to make sure that the time doesn’t become popular again and remind fans of the kind of music he use to make which he doesn’t seem to want to make anymore. some of those songs have his name on it so he wants to control that. I’m still a fan of Prince but I used to be a huge fan. His behavior lately really turns me off and a lot of fans as well. Did Morris sell his brothers out in a private feal with prince? I think they owe the fans an answer. Fans deserve one from prince but we all know prince doesn’t care about his fans anymore to even bother to answer. It’s soon frustrating. If they are just going to give up then they owe us some closure for supporting them all these years.

  2. Money will allways be the issue in a group, The Time was dope and they encourage me to start a band we did covor versions of the The Time ,Prince but once the gigs got big , money issues reared its ugly head im not taking sides in this, Jesse is a damn good guitarist and fit in well with D’anglo funky keep up the good work Jesse Johnson give us some new solo music , Morris Day a true showmanalong with the rest of The Time keep doing your thing im proud of all you guys

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