Prince Bans Cell Phones From Concerts


Prince concert in Australia

While most artists love for people to record bits and pieces of their shows in order to draw fans to future events and boost album sales, Prince is the exact opposite.  The latest round of shows on his 2012 Australia tour have him attempting to squash would-be cell phone recorders and fans simply aren’t having it as seen here.

One fan was quoted as saying that there are security guards who are actively monitoring the situation and shining flashlights into the faces of people recording any footage with their cell phones.

There are also reports that there are multiple signs everywhere and big brother type announcements indicating that cell phones and recording devices would be confiscated if people were caught recording the show.

This is just the latest attempts of Prince to greatly control what is seen and heard. Only videos and photos that are “Prince-approved” can get distributed.  It began with the vicious Youtube attacks that moved to pull down all unauthorized footage which set off a bevy of complaints from fans. When the witch hunt moved to literally all photos online of the Artist, a lot of fans even chose to jump ship.

“It’s just ridiculous that he acts this way”, said one fan. “It’s our way to support him and help spread the word. We want to share photos and videos that haven’t already been seen a million times. His actions are very diva and make him look unrealistic and out of control.”

Meanwhile, people don’t seem to care about what signs or announcements are made at the concerts and are still recording the shows even amid the threats of confiscation. What do you think?  Is this a tad “out of control”?

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