Prince Cancels Social Media, Again


Princ cancels social mediaTo the ultimate chagrin of Prince fans everywhere, Prince has once again pulled up his stakes from all of his social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of the Youtube videos all gone and many are simply wondering why.  So speculate we will with the assistance of an insider source that thinks that he may have a very good idea.

Many were beginning to be excited that Prince was finally letting up on the reigns of his empire and letting people see the videos, hear snippets of new unreleased material, display new photos, and showcase concert clips.  But with public display comes public criticism. The very crux and dark circumstances that signed the death certificate of the famed NPG Music Club.

A source close says that once the negativity starts outweighing the usefulness of the medium, it simply goes away. The onslaught of silly negative comments from flamers that start ridiculous arguments and dissension among the loyal fans is the typical reason for the disappearance. “Prince is all about positivity and when that goes away, so does he, so if I had to guess why he made this decision, I would first start there.”, the insider shared.

And those comments were growing like weeds on all of the social media sources. An unfounded silly “This sucks” statement that would set up a slew of attacks and unnecessary activity that muddied up the purpose of the medium. Actions that are eerily similar to the NPGMC fiasco.

And the plan wasn’t too well executed since even the websites on and still point to all of those social networks, which of course all lead to dead ends. The sloppiness of the site dumps suggests that the decision was a hasty one and that’s not typically the norm for Paisley Park plans although Prince has never fully embraced the internet in the first place and he certainly was not going to be a slave to it.

The fans are getting antsy because the last time his Purple Highness yanked his social media accounts, the silence was deafening and very long.  So for now, us purple-blooded fanatics will have to just wait. While we’re already a tad freaked out, the flush of his 2 new albums is beginning to wane and the flood of appearances such as the SNL performance, the New Girl episode, and impromptu LiveStream events, may be all that we get for a good spell.  It’s enough to make you nervous that it may be a very long and quiet holiday season.

So whether you’re waiting for the apparently never-coming 30 year Purple Rain reissue, the WB rumors of an impending tour, or whatever you may have your purple hearts set for, Prince has yet again to remind you that you are in his world and we are simply lovely passengers. Assume nothing and wait patiently.

Keep in mind that this is all just chatter, speculation and rumors at this point, so feel free to share your own thoughts below.

Editors Note (Mr. C): “If we had to speculate on our own, I would say it’s partially to do with the negativity as mentioned above and partially to do with the Ferguson case. Prince has made statements about the Treyvon Martin situation when it happened, so we know that he has some political leanings when it comes to cases like this. But in all of it, it makes no matter. We’re back to being on his schedule again.”

7 thoughts on “Prince Cancels Social Media, Again

  1. I was getting tired of the negativity too…I’m going to take a break for awhile and let the fans diss Prince because of this. If youre a fan be a fan yeah yeah yeah yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.A B C D E F H I love U.

  2. It gets so tiresome to see people comparing bands from 20 and 30 years ago on timelines. I too can understand it. I seriously just wanted to see my boo, get down to FunkNRoll 50 million times, and enjoy the lovely purple pics. Hate to say it, but sometimes the super fans and the “opinionated” people can ruin the experience by beating the same dead horse over and over again.

    ESPECIALLY about 3EG. Okay, we get it. Some of y’all don’t like them. The constant dissing of the same nature is just bad energy. Hate to see Purple Papa go, but hopefully will see him on LS and other places really soon. Til then, AOA and Plectrum are forever in rotation.

    (While I watch ppl 20 and 30 years my senior squabble on FB fan group pages.)

  3. I ADORE Prince , but that is the name of the game and i am a true die hard fan tattoo (my one and only tatt) and YES we all want every thing to be nice and peaceful but that is not how it works. This is how the internet is the good the bad and the fools .

    A lot of the mean stuff comes from long time fans that are a bit upset and i don’t blame them , if its not the overprice websites that upand go away after 6th months ,then it’s all the trying to get music from outlets he sets up and at times hard to get at ,i want everything he puts out if i can but i don’t wantto hunt for it order it as a import all the time or pay a 75.00 prefee to then pay more money i still don’t have 20ten everytime i order one from some oneon ebay they sale it fast or twice now don’t send it ..
    As far as the back catalog it would be nice to have updated copies .. but no matter what i am a true funk soldier until the end of time

  4. Prince gonna do what he gonna do. We just got 2 make sure he knows that we appreciate everything he does give us.
    Just remember, a small piece of something, is a whole lot more than all of nothing..

  5. PRINCE é dono dele mesmo,só cabe a nós apreciar o seu trabalho e esperar o que sua genialidade vai nos trazer.E que seja em breve.

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