Prince Launches Welcome 2 Chicago


Prince: Welcome 2 ChicagoPrince hits the road again and this time lands his show in the windy city of Chicago and aptly named Welcome 2 Chicago.  The site blasted up on Ticketmaster with only one date showing of September 24th at United Center. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday September 6 once again lending to that last minute announcement thing he loves.  In Atlanta, Lady Gaga sold tickets over a year in advance which was just a little crazy, but this is the exact opposite with under a 3 week notification.

While everyone can snag tickets on Sept. 6, the Ticketmaster page also shows a “pre-sale” date of September 4th for CitiCard members.  Got friends carrying CitiCards? Now’s the time to wine and dine them.

More shows will indeed be announced, so if you miss out, there should be more to follow. We assume nothing with Prince. Ticket prices start at $50 and go up to $150. After Ticketmaster fees, expect $60-$163.  Chicago is about to get funky.

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