Prince To Announce 2012 Australian Tour


Update April 4th – Sources say that the official announcement will be made on April 12th. yeah, we don’t know why either. Sometimes it snows…. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post…

2012 Prince Australian Tour

While the world wondered when Prince would make another live appearance, it appears that he’s about to finally announce his next shows and they aren’t in the states. Herald Sun reporter, Nui Te Koha dropped a tip to Triple M that the tour will be announced either this week or next. Our guess is on Good Friday, but we’ve been wrong before.

Chugg Entertainent headed up by Michael Chugg will be the promoters of the Australian tour and it seems that there having a difficult time keeping the news at bay. ┬áTour promoters have been yanked for less in the past, but so far it doesn’t seem to be having an impact on the relationship.

Prince declined to perform at last year’s Big Day Out and they are still reeling from that fiasco. This tour will cover 3 or 4 dates in Australia and will be the first time in 8 years that he’s stepped foot Down Under. We’ll post the dates when they land.

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