The Roots Release New Captain Morgan Song

The Roots - captain Morgan Song - To Love, Life, and Loot
Photos from SPIN magazine photographer Shawn Brackbill. Collage done by us.

The Roots have already shared the upcoming release of their new album undun that is set to release on December 6th, but they just can’t stop working. The newest adventure was to rewrite the Captain Morgan theme song and they were given free reign to do pretty much whatever they wanted. Luckily for us and the fine folks over at SPIN magazine, they shared the end result which is the 5+ minute version of their effort entitled “To Life, Love and Loot“.

Alternately get the MP3 here, courtesy of Okayplayer.
Questlove told SPIN, “They gave us free reign to experiment. We scaled the group down to half — it was just drums, guitar, and tuba. The extra surprise is that Tariq [“Black Thought” Trotter] is actually singing on the song.”
The band isn’t normally known for playing short tunes and thank God the song from SPIN is not the short version. To this effect, ?uestlove added, “Being at Fallon has definitely helped us hone our production and songwriting skills and lift them to another level,” he says. “At Fallon we have to write five and 10-second songs, so you get to the point with the quickness. Seven years ago that would have been an impossible challenge. If you told us, ‘We need you to write a song about life, love, and loot in less than a minute,’ we would have said it was impossible.”
Much thanks to SPIN for sharing the 5+ minute version of this song.

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