Prince Plans To Make Good

Prince concert to happen at Malahide Castle
Prince Concert at Malahide Castle

Yeah, yeah, we cover a lot of Prince. Can’t help it.  The guy is always busy. And outside of a Morris Day & the Time Reunion tour that never seem to materialize, you gotta give us something to work with people!

Anyways, back in June of 2008, Prince supposedly had agreed to play Croke Park in Ireland via a concert promoter by the name of William Morris Endeavour Entertainment (WME).  Unfortunately, according to Prince, those agents did not have authority to do so and he cancelled the event with very short 10 day notice.  Then a promoter sued Prince for all of the money they invested into promotion and took Prince to court.  The full details can be seen here.  But it wasn’t just the promoter that got hurt, but also the fans who were sorely disappointed and not to mention livid.

Fast forward to today and Prince has vowed to his bandmates that this will be the show to end all shows and that he will play for the Dublin crowd until he’s kicked out.   he also informed the concert-goers to bring their foot spray because “The show is going to be funky” (Apparently his new slogan).  There is no question about the concert being authorized since Prince himself called to book the event.   The concert will take place this Saturday at Malahide Castle in Dublin and it will be his first in Ireland for nearly a decade and the biggest ever event for the huge seaside venue.  The crew is already on site constructing the stage which also includes two large LED screens on either side of the stage to insure a premium view no matter where you’re sitting.

The concert is set to last 3 hours with a special surprise that evening that everyone remains tight lipped about. Prince is arriving on Friday and will stay in Ireland for 3 days and is also scheduled to do his own sound check and mixing for the event.  He has requested access to the sound boards to do just that.    Needless to say, we expect to have a full set list and review of the show after it happens and you can stay tuned right here to get all of the details as they unfold.

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