Prince Gives Apollonia Private Concert


Apolollonia and Prince in Purple RainMany are wondering what will happen when Warner Brothers and Prince finally unveil the 30th Anniversary Edition of Purple Rain. While we wait on pins and needles during this, the official week of its release, one very important person of that era got a glimpse into that world. Apollonia.

On Saturday night, June 28th (technically 3am on June 29th), Prince had a super private party for Apollonia Kotero and this time around he didn’t make her jump into Lake Minnetonka. Instead, he set up a single solo chair, sat her down, and played her an 8 song set featuring himself and the 3 lovely ladies of 3rd Eye Girl, which included songs from the yet to be released Plectrum Electrum and other closet favorites such as Endorphinmachine, She’s Always In My Hair and others. They were even nice enough to provide us clips of the performance below.

Apollonia shared some of the details on her Facebook age indicating;

4:42 A.M. in Minneapolis , just had a private concert by Prince and 3rdEyeGirl at Paisley Park….Ida on Bass , Donna on Guitar and Hannah on Drums. They play loud and HARD. Heard new music that was dope! He had a cool chair for me on the stage at his side and I sat there transfixed on every note, every move, every vocal. After every song I yelled and clapped my ass off. It was so amazing it made me sweat. These ladies are so talented and beautiful. I was charmed. And Prince….my heart still skip’s a beat. Paisley Park is a fun place. He showed me all my images painted on the walls. “Hey thats me!!!” I said , he just laughed in that cool way he that does. The biggest room will be The Purple Rain room….he will have us painted there, huge murals. “My big head gonna be up there?” He just laughed and laughed.

All I can say is that if Prince wants to call me (Mr. Christopher) at 2am and ask me to fly from Atlanta to Minnesota to review his new material, I’ve already forewarned my wife that I would leave in a moments notice, so I have already attained spousal clearance for that specific occasion.

Congrats to Apollonia for yet another memorable moment in Prince history. We’re glad to see you out and about and embracing that past again. You’re part of a historic musical moment and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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