Prince Yanks FDeluxe from Soundcloud


FDeluxe Band

Prince strikes again as he once more pulls the copyright card on FDeluxe aka The Family on their Soundcloud channel.

FDeluxe found out that their material was pulled because it supposedly featured some of their previous work with Prince when they were The Family such as Mutiny, Screams of Passion, Nothing Compares 2 U, and others.

Instead of removing the offending pieces, Soundcloud closed their entire account (Ed. note: Their account has finally been reinstated as of 7/22/2013.). A search for “fdeluxe” on Soundcloud now yields no results at all. FDeluxe has yet to make an official announcement about the situation but took to Facebook stating, “Well, we no longer have our music on Soundcloud thanks to an old ” 

FDeluxe and Soundcloud

Unfortunately the war may not be over since the bands own website at also has clips from The Family days, so it’s yet to be seen whether Prince’s hammer strikes there as well in the very near future.

This is not the first swipe from Prince at an old band which came to a head a couple years ago when the Time was denied the ability to even use their own band name and had to switch to The Original 7ven.

In the meantime, support FDeluxe and join the conversation (and outrage) at and via their Twitter page And even better yet, buy their music at and fight the system.

10 thoughts on “Prince Yanks FDeluxe from Soundcloud

  1. How Prince chooses to deal with his legacy is his own business. These songs were written, produced, and performed (sand vocals and sax) by Prince, and, ultimately, he controls the destiny of these tunes. Rather than offer up sour grapes, Prince’s former cohorts should move out from the purple shadow and stand on their own.

    1. That old washed up hasbeen (he didn’t even pull 60% paid for his second Chicago show last year) has some amusing defenders. Best story ever about that queen was when he was peaking, and played in Chicago. My friend’s father was the president of the corp who owned the arena. For weeks, everyone was passing around Prince’s rider which stipulated that the hallways would be cleared when Prince walked to the stage and nobody was allowed to look at him. The time came and two doors before the entrance to the arena, my friend’s father walks out and stands there — Prince’s security has a shit fit and attempts to physically remove the man who is president of the arena. Venue security steps in, Prince literally runs back to his dressing room. Venue security removes Prince’s overzealous bodyguards and Prince refuses to go on stage for over 90 mins until his bodyguards are allowed back inside. This time around, my friend’s father sat in a chair at the entrance to the stage — nothing was said. I had been among Prince’s biggest fans until that whole scene went down. His talent doesn’t give him a free pass on being a douche. And he’s a world class douche.

      1. Now the writer above states that his friend’s father was the President of the corp who owned the Chicago Arena where Prince played when he was peaking, which would be in the mid ’80s, to be sure.

        Prince’s only Chicago performances in the ’80s were at what was then known as The Rosemount Horizon Arena, located in Rosemont, IL.

        The Rosemont Horizon, (now know as Allstate Arena) has been under continuous ownership by the Village of Rosemont, IL.

        The Village of Rosemont, IL is incorporated but does not have a President. It has a mayor and board of trustees who run the Village.

        Based on these facts, the story above can not be true. If one is going to bash Prince for his off-stage, private behavior, then at least have an accurate story instead of urban legend.

        1. You are 100% correct. I attended the Purple Rain tour at the Rosemont Horizon. But what’s described has been in Prince’s riders even before “when he was peaking” and remained among his conditions until his death. There are MANY stories like this, the most notorious is the one when they were trying to record We are the World. He did not play well with others, lol but I think it was nerves and anxiety more than being a difficult diva. Prince IRL was completely different from Prince on stage where he was the king and commanded audiences of thousands with little effort. But get him off stage and he used to completely retreat and could freeze up regularly. I have often wondered if he was on the spectrum.

  2. It is actions like these of a man I used to really be into, I like to call, a “Prince-Is-A-Dick Moment!” …what a dick!

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