The Time’s New Album & Tour

Where is the Morris Day and The Time reunion and new album everyone has been talking about? It’s


The Time guitarist Jesse Johnson not only is bringing his amazing talent to the masses, but also the latest news of the rumored Morris Day and The Time reunion.  At the 50th Grammy Awards, The Time announced a reunion of sorts, but since then, not much else has been announced. Luckly, during the January 13th Atlanta show Jesse stated, “The album is done. D’Angelo heard the music and..all I can say is that no one will see it coming.  The music is amazing.”  Jesse’s business manager Mark Wallace also confirmed to Funkatopia that the album is indeed completed and should be released soon.

When asked about a Time tour, there was an overall agreement that there would be something done to support the album, but what no one would say  However, asked about what cities would be hit on the Jesse Johnson Verbal Penetration tour and only Philly was mentioned as he slipped and said that he has to finish up these appearances and then do the “Time thing”.

So for Morris Day and The Time fans, the album is finished and apparently amazing and we can look forward to something in the near future to support the muchly anticipated album.  But like Jesse’s Verbal Penetration, will it be enough to gather back the masses that have wandered off during their two decades of an absence since 1990’s Pandemonium?  Regardless of the answer, you can guarantee that Funkatopia will be there to let you know how it turns out.

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