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Jesse Johnson Comes Clean About Split From The Time


Jesse Johnson

After many months of people speculating about Jesse Johnson‘s departure from The Time (aka The Original 7ven), Jesse finally spoke out about the true reasoning of why he left.  It apparently had to do with a lack of touring to support their efforts and very simply, not getting paid. This was the statement that Jesse posted on his Facebook account yesterday;

“I was on a conference call with the O-7 and I asked the following questions in early December; ” Do we have any shows for December? answered “No” I continued to ask the the same question regarding January and Febuary, and I received the same answer, which was a resounding “NO” I then asked when was the the first royalty accounting coming up? And the answer was, ” I don’t know” and with Allah as my witness, I respectfully made the announcement that I could no longer AFFORD to participate in an organization that personally cost me thousands of dollars (Gear, Clothing, Travel, etc…) and further more shows no signs of taking premptive measures (Sponsers, Touring, etc…) in helping to see a return on our investment. So help me god, the people on whatever sites that state they were not informed of exit should feel very, very ashamed of them selves to seek sympathy from unknowing fans. Am I angry, I feel sad for people that have to lie to seek unwarranted sympathy. Sad! Do ever post or ask me at anytime or place about this subject.”

That being said, we are SO happy that Jesse clarified what the issue was.  He also announced that he had just arrived in Amsterdam to start the tour with D’Angelo as previously announced. Which also means that you should start seeing him pop up on the videos and audio mixtapes that D’Angelo likes to release occasionally.  We can’t wait to hear Jesse cut loose on Chicken Grease!

Much thanks to Jesse Johnson for clarifying the story for the fans. You are an amazing guitarist and we will always support your efforts no matter where you are! Keep on keeping on!  Speculate no more Morris Day and The Time fans!

7 thoughts on “Jesse Johnson Comes Clean About Split From The Time

  1. The group did make it seem like Jesse just jumped up and left without them knowing why, they should be ashamed of themselves. I have too agree with Jesse because the management, record company and group are not promoting the new cd well at all and it’s not Jesse’s fault either. I’m glad Jesse clarified what was going on and what really happened.

  2. These guys have known each other for over 30 yrs. It’s unfortunate that the communication was not where it should have been on the business side per Jesse. Believing the best for the brother. Hopefully he gets the credit he deserves one day for being one of the best to ever pick up a guitar.

  3. Well, that explains at lot! When the new album came out I was very excited the there was going to be a tour. There were some promotional dates and the album is smoking. However, other than a performance on the Soul Train awards, there has been nothing. No second single, video or website updates. This is the same way I felt after Jesse’s Verbal Penetration was released almost three years, solid album, but no follow through! Maybe these guys need Prince to drive them or maybe they are just too old! Anyway I love the album, keep up the good work. This sh*t is sick!!!

  4. The Original 7ven’s CD “Condensate” is a great CD. I agree with D when it came to a possible tour. I was truly looking forward to the next single. I can understand why Jesse left the group. Bobby was on point when he said he hopes Jesse gets the credit he deserves for being one of the best to ever pickup a guitar. I wish Jesse and the other 6 members much success.

  5. I listen to the Condensate CD for 4 months straight. This is their best CD to date. I to was expecting a tour, but nothing. No tour, no dates, a generic website, no followup singles, their were at least 4 more hits that shoulda followed , Jessie leaving over money…..Now O7 is in the best possible position they can be in……. What’s the deal fella’s??? YOUR SHOES ON TOO TIGHT……. LET”S HAVE SOME ACTION… I want some chili sauce with the chicken grease and some more funk on the side. Ohhh Lawd..

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