Bear Creek Music Festival Interview Bonanza


Bear Creek Music Festival Interviews

Five incredible interviews with The New Mastersounds. The Motet, Kung Fu, The Resolvers, and Space Capone have been released just in time for Bear Creek Music Festival.

Mr. Christopher and Funkatopia pulled up their boot straps and scheduled multiple interviews with some of the bands playing at The Bear Creek Music Festival including Eddie Roberts from The New Mastersounds, Todd Stoops from Kung Fu, Dave Watts from The Motet, Ron Eisner from The Resolvers and Aaron Winters from Space Capone.

All of the bands have been insanely fun to speak with,” said Mr. Christopher, “And the interviews posted were literally fractions of the conversations that took place. Most interviews we just sat and chatted for over 30 minutes prepping, laughing and cutting up. Maybe some of those snippets will see the light of day. I wish that we could have had more time to really make these videos better quality presentations, but I think people are more concerned with what’s being said and having some visuals more than anything else. Plus we literally have 24 hours or less to get them out after we’ve recorded them to get them out in time to promote the festival.”

Also planned on the schedule during the festival are Bootsy Collins, Karl Denson, Robert Walter, Mike Dillon, and many others.  Mr. Christopher adds, “I’ve had communication with many of the bands, but it’s almost impossible to interview everyone. Funkatopia really fell into a strategic position with Bear Creek Music Festival this year. We hope that moving forward that we will be able to serve as one of the primary press coverage sites for the event and we’re out to prove to Bear Creek that this can be an invaluable partnership.

Enjoy the interviews and expect many more to come over the next week.

Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds
Mr. Christopher note
: “Of all the interviews, I was the most tripped out about this one. Eddie is like a funk hero to me, so I was somewhat intimidated, but it went well and he was incredibly polite.

Dave Watts from The Motet
Mr. Christopher note:
I always liked the band, but after chatting with Dave, I’m a big fan now.

Ron Eisner from The Resolvers
Mr. Christopher note:
Ron is easily one of the easiest guys to talk to. This never felt like an interview. It was like we were just shooting the shit.

Todd Stoops from Kung Fu

Mr. Christopher note: “I love Kung Fu and Todd is the utmost professional. Chatting with him only makes me more psyched to see them perform. His excitement is contagious.

Aaron Winters from Space Capone
Mr. Christopher note: “This was the first interview that Aaron has done as ‘Aaron’. His alter ego is Space Capone, but before we went into the interview, he said, ‘We’re pretty much a full band, so I’ll think I’ll do this as my first interview as Aaron Winters of Space Capone.’  He was very  funny and I think we burned nearly a half hour talking shop before the interview even started. The conversation was just very natural with him

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