Jesse Johnson Joins D’Angelo & Leaves The Time (For Good?)


The Time Without Jesse Johnson

It’s been no surprise that The Original 7ven aka Morris Day and The Time have dropped off the map and rightfully so.  It’s tough to call yourself The Original 7ven when one of the seven decides to walk away as Jesse Johnson up and left The Time yet again after there was much talk about an internal blowout.

Many people have speculated that Jesse Johnson insisted on the band relinquishing their ties with Prince because of his “heavy handed” management of the band back in the day which crested with his refusal to not let the band even use the name.  A thorn in Jesse’s paw as made evident in videos and interviews.

The band didn’t help the situation much by playing a handful of shows that all featured the classic hits from the 80’s (Jungle Love, The Bird, 777-9311, COOL, etc.) and only playing one song from the new album (#Trendin) during the entire concert performances.

Since that time, things fell apart even more as D’Angelo announced his band lineup for his European tour which included, you guessed it, Jesse Johnson on guitar.  That tour runs through mid-February, so if there are any “make up sessions” in the future, they won’t happen until at least late February or March of this year.

Jesse served as the primary source of information on his departure via his Twitter and Facebook page while The Time stayed dreadfully silent trying to do damage control. But they hinted at a resolution on their Facebook page on December 30th when they stated, “In 7ven Days around 7pm we’ll be back. Have a Safe & Happy New Year“.

Regardless of where you began counting from, that time has come and gone with no updates or announcements which only agitated the situation and led to more frustration. Not to mention the fast dwindling interest in the project now that silence is the norm and appearances have ceased altogether.

One positive thought is that the band may be restructuring their show to include many of the new hits in order to sway Jesse back into the fray. But until someone says something, it’s all hearsay and guesses. We hope that they work it out, but the silence is deafening. And that’s a big shame considering that many fans are jumping ship. Again.

17 thoughts on “Jesse Johnson Joins D’Angelo & Leaves The Time (For Good?)

  1. I just posted a comment on Jesse leaving the group and you have to know that there’s always a reason for a member to leave. I would have to agree with him about the band severing ties with Prince. I understand that Prince(along with Andre Cymone(Anderson) who never got credit) was the reason for the band to be in existence. Morris Day of all people should have agreed with him due to the fact that The Time didn’t have creative control of the songs which in turn caused him and Prince to fall out to the point to where it almost came to blows. Like I said before, Jesse’s presence will be missed. Wish him the best with D’Angelo and helping him with his career. A valuable asset Jesse is no matter who he’s with or just being solo.

    1. Jesse leaving The Time had NOTHING to do with Prince. He has nothing but love for Prince. Please stop with the Prince speculation. Yes Prince would not let them use the name but what the band does or doesn’t do at this point has nothing to do with Prince.

      1. Agreed. And until someone speaks up about the reasoning for the departure, the speculation is all people have. In defense of the folks that have been speculating this possibility, there are plenty of recent interview clips where Jesse shows a lot of frustration and reminisces about how difficult Prince was being about issues regarding The Time. As an example, you can watch this video at from 3 minutes in to see how Jesse shows major annoyance about Prince’s heavy-handedness. Also notable is the discomfort Morris shows when he starts bringing it up. And if you purchased the Condensate album, you can see something very similar take place on the accompanying DVD during the table interview when they start discussing the band name issue. So it’s a little more than just “speculation”. It definitely is there and the only real visible evidence of a band divide.

        We agree that that band owes a major debt of gratitude to Prince and we have no doubt they have nothing but love for him professionally and personally. But that’s one of the few glimpses of discomfort revealed during the short-lived reunion that would warrant Jesse leaving. This accompanied with the fact that during his show in Atlanta, he didn’t play ANY Time songs until the very end when he was just tinkering with his guitar. That in itself says volumes.

        1. O.k. well speculate all you want. But may I please clear up lies that have been told. Jesse is not now, nor has he EVER been an addict of any thing, except music. He does not drink, he does not use drugs of any kind. He has NEVER done heroin, coke, pot, crack or what ever other lies have been told. I know it’s hard to believe that a musician can actually play music without being under the influence of something. These lies are just that. I know some people who know Jesse have been the center of these lies and shame on them for being so mean and hateful. But please stop. Enough is enough. Jesse’s drug is his guitar. Believe that! That is the absolute truth.

          1. You must have read that elsewhere. We’ve never said (or “speculated”) anything about Jesse being on drugs. Ever. We are fully aware that Jesse is clean. And we also never said that Funkatopia “speculated” the issues with Prince. Those were outside speculations. We simply overheard the speculation and considered its legitimacy. It did make sense when you look at the video proof. But yes, we are in total agreement. Jesse’s guitar IS his drug. We’ve never once thought or said that he was on any drugs. Please don’t put words in our mouths.

          2. I apologize if it came accross as I was suggesting you said it. I wasn’t. That really was meant for outside readers. I just read so much garbage about so many people in the entertainment business that it gets to me sometimes. You obviously have great admiration for Jesse, Prince and The Time. I’ll leave the writing and comments to you from now on.

          3. Not saying he’s ever abused any substance but he has looked a little “crackish” over the years. Heck of an artist though.

        2. It funny how people speculate what is going on with the Time , Jesse and Prince but thats all it is , Speculations. I can tell you from authenic knowledge that you couldn’t be any further away from the truth. The entertaiment business is a jungle and in the jungle resides animals , some passive and some aggressive. I know what happened with the time and Prince but too much info release will reveal where it came from so I stand moot. Prince is not the person everyone thinks he is. One day the veil will be lifted and you will be surprised.

  2. They are grown ass men. And have never been through this break up thing sevral times. They exist because of Prince – so blame him is stupid and shortsighted. They just dont reslove difference in the long term. The same thing happened after the Pandemonium album – and Prince was involved and allowed the use of the Time name.

    1. Once again not true. This group would have probably made it even if they didn’t recieve assistance from prince. They were that well known. It appears to be a move to control the progress of the group and keep the light on self. Do the math.

  3. Been knowing Jesse Johnson for 40 years, and the 1 thing I do know is that all he wants to do is play that guitar, and be respected, period !

    1. We’d have to agree. The one time that we got to meet him, he continued to fiddle with his guitar even when he was taking pictures with fans. Plus we’ve seen interviews where he has it strapped around him at all times. He never puts it down.

  4. If you guys want to see what jesse is doing , go on his website and buy his CD “Verbal Penetration” And pay very close attentiont to the lyrics on some of his pieces. He is providing music and food for the mind.

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